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Despite Parents’ Objections, Teacher Defends “Transgender Reveal” to Kindergartners

Concerned mothers and fathers flooded a school board meeting Monday after a Kindergarten teacher introduced her students to transgenderism without parental notice. Now, another parent at the same school is outraged her child was sent to the principal’s office for “misgendering” a male classmate who now identifies as a girl.

The August 21 meeting was packed with parents struggling to comfort their scared and confused children. The teacher (who was not named) told students one of their classmates was “a girl trapped in a boy’s body.” One concerned mother told CBS Sacramento “my daughter came home crying and shaking so afraid she could turn into a boy.”

But the Kindergarten teacher defended her actions to teach kids about transgenderism without notifying parents saying, “It was never my intent to harm any students. Only to help them through a difficult situation.”

The controversial incident occurred June 7 at Rocklin Academy Gateway, a public charter school near Sacramento. A male kindergartner asked his teacher to read a book titled “I Am Jazz” to the class. Co-written by biologically male teen Jazz Jennings, the book describes how Jazz “transitioned” from a boy to a girl. After the teacher read the book to the class, the male student changed from his “boy clothes” into his “girl clothes.” The teacher then instructed students to use the boy’s new “girl name.”

Later, when one mother asked what happened, the teacher told her to “ask your child.” Rocklin Academy Superintendent Robin Stout recently told parents details of what transpired in the June 7 class can’t be shared with parents “to protect student confidentiality and safety.”

Now, the school has reportedly threatened students with a trip to the principal’s office if they fail to call the biologically male child by a female pronoun and name.

“This school’s response to one child struggling with gender dysphoria has traumatized an entire class of vulnerable five-year-olds,” said Jonathan Keller, CEO of California Family Council.  “Parents have a right to be notified before controversial subjects like transgenderism are taught. Mothers and fathers must have the opportunity to opt their children out of these lessons.”

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