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Christians in the United States need to Pay Attention to Christian Persecution in the U.K.

In the U.K., the cultural climate is becoming threateningly cold towards Christians.  The alarming thing about this, is that it’s widely known that cultural trends that start in the U.K. eventually make it to the States. According to The Blaze, a recent “State of the Faith” study, conducted by Premier Christian Communications, “found that a whopping 93 percent of Christians in the U.K. believe “Christianity is being marginalized in society,” with 50 percent saying they have “personally experienced prejudice” against their faith.” The survey included responses from over 12,000 Christians and gives a grim look at the reception of Christianity in the U.K.

One News Now reports:

“Sixty-seven percent think it’s considered unacceptable for Christians to share their faith,” PCC researchers found. “Sixty-seven percent feel unable to be open about their faith at work or equivalent setting.”

It seems that the U.K., once rooted in faith and tradition, has embraced post-modernism to the point of alienating Christians even in their everyday activities. The study reveals that many Christians even feel they are treated not just with indifference, but with hostility for what they believe. This trend should serve as a disturbing warning to other western nations such as the U.S., which has also become increasingly post-Christian in recent years. Sadly, the “tolerance” that the left continuously clamors for is ironically becoming more and more out of reach for people of faith.

According to The Christian Post:

Premier CEO Peter Kerridge said in a statement that it is “clear” that the U.K. does not have the “liberal accepting society” that it believes it does “if we don’t tolerate and accept everyone, including Christians. This survey clearly indicates how it feels to be an ordinary Christian today,” he said. “This is not the clergy talking, or academics theorising, or politicians making a case. These are ordinary Christians who feel overwhelmingly that their Christian beliefs are being marginalised and that as a result it is becoming far more difficult to live as a person of faith in the UK.”

News coming from the U.K. further confirms the survey results. An article in The Blaze tells us of a nurse who was fired after offering to pray with patients, “two Christian street preachers were convicted of disorderly conduct and fined for speaking at a public shopping center,” and Tim Farron- leader of the Liberal Democrats, resigned from his position after concluding that it was “impossible” to stay true to his faith and his political party platform.

Indeed, it seems the U.K. is becoming less and less tolerant of Christianity, to the extent that most participants surveyed felt that their faith is treated as insignificant and many indicated that their beliefs were met with animosity and rejection. Americans must pay attention to the religious rejection that has become so prevalent in the U.K. and become proactive about protecting their faith before it is too late. Now is the time to counter religious persecution and marginalization and stand up for people of faith.



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