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California Family Council Press Conference Opposes ACA 5, Redefining Marriage

California Family Council (CFC) held a press conference on June 20, 2024, on the west steps of the California State Capitol in Sacramento. The conference was a platform for CFC to express its strong opposition to Assembly Constitutional Amendment 5 (ACA 5), a proposal that seeks to abolish the definition of marriage and remove critical safeguards such as age, genetic relationship, and the number of participants.
The press conference featured several distinguished speakers who articulated CFC’s stance and highlighted the broader implications of this legislative proposal.
Jonathan Keller, President and CEO, California Family Council
Jonathan Keller opened the conference with a prayer, emphasizing the importance of truth and love in discussing ACA 5. He expressed concerns about the broader LGBTQ agenda and its impact on societal values, pointing to the presence of the LGBTQ identity flag at the Capitol as a symbol of the ongoing cultural shift. Keller stressed that ACA 5 not only aims to repeal Proposition 8 but also to redefine marriage to a point where it loses its traditional meaning. He warned that the amendment could lead to the legalization of controversial forms of marriage, such as polyamory and polygamy.
Keller stated, “If you abolish the definition of marriage and say that marriage can mean anything, then marriage actually means nothing. This amendment removes critical protections, which is why we oppose it.”
Pastor Sam Andreades, Iron Works Church
Pastor Sam Andreades spoke on the historical and biblical foundations of marriage, highlighting California’s long-standing recognition of gender in relationships. He referenced the state’s history with Proposition 8 and other measures affirming the time-honored definition of sexual diversity within marriage.
“Californians have a distinguished history of recognizing that gender matters in relationships,” Andreades said. “When you lose gender in relationships, you start to lose relationships. We ask California to continue its leadership by voting against ACA 5.”
Melinda Patrick, Director of Parent Support, His Wonderful Works
Melinda Patrick shared her personal journey as a mother with a daughter in the LGBTQ community. She emphasized the importance of love and truth in addressing these issues, drawing from her experiences to support parents navigating similar challenges.
“I believe in my heart that God’s best for my daughter is to walk in who He called and created her to be,” Patrick said. “As followers of Jesus Christ, we are called to be ministers of reconciliation.”
Anne Edward, Executive Director, Restored Hope Network
Anne Edward recounted her personal story of overcoming sexual confusion as a self-identified lesbian and finding peace through her faith in Jesus. She expressed concern over ACA 5’s potential to harm children and families by diluting the definition of marriage.
“Living by God’s design has so much fruit, joy, and peace,” Edward stated. “ACA 5 threatens to create chaos in families and does not protect children. I oppose this amendment and stand for the Biblical definition of marriage.”
About California Family Council
California Family Council is dedicated to advancing God’s design for life, family, and liberty through California’s church, Capitol, and culture. In partnership with local, state, and national allies, CFC works to shape policies that uphold the sanctity of life, the strength of marriages and families, and the necessity of religious freedom.
For more information on ACA 5 and CFC’s opposition, visit californiafamily.org. For media inquiries, contact Greg Burt at (949) 244-2080.
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