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Two More CA School Districts Pass Parental Notification Policies

Two more California school districts are protecting parental rights with policies requiring teachers to notify parents if their children express a desire to “identify” as the opposite sex. 

Parents cheered as the Rocklin Unified School District board of trustees passed the parental notification policy with a 4-1 vote last week. Hundreds of individuals gathered for the strenuous six-and-a-half-hour meeting, including over four hours of public comments. 

“What this whole issue is about is: Who gets to raise our kids? Who gets to raise the next generation of Californians? Is it the government, or is it their parents?” asked Assemblyman Bill Essayli, who has advocated for a similar policy at the state level (AB 1314).

“The central question is: What authority does a school have to withhold information from parents?” Essayli continued. He also mentioned that courts have determined “there is no right to privacy between children and their parents.”

The policy will require school staff to notify parents within three school days if a student asks to use pronouns, a name, or sex-segregated facilities “that do not align with the child’s biological sex.” The board clarified that a student’s gender “identity” should remain confidential to everyone “except the student and their parent(s).”

“We trust our parents to know what is best for their children,” said Rocklin school trustees. “We believe that the best way to address these challenges is together, with open communication and clear expectations. The board’s action to strengthen parental notification and communication reinforces our commitment to include parents in school activities and decisions related to their child.”

Similarly, in a unanimous decision with a 4-0 vote (the three opposing board members left the meeting before the vote), the Orange Unified School District became the sixth California school district to require parental notification if students begin to “identify” as trans. Again, this policy mandates that school officials inform parents and guardians if their child requests to use a name or pronoun that differs from their birth assignment or participates in activities and utilizes facilities intended for the opposite gender.

Previously, on August 22nd, Temecula Valley Unified, and Anderson Union High School District, along with Murrieta Valley Unified on August 10th, and Chino Valley Unified on July 20th, all approved nearly identical policies.

Unfortunately, these school districts have faced criticism from state officials who consider these parent notification policies to be a breach of students’ civil rights. As a result, an investigation has been initiated and a lawsuit has been filed against into Chino Valley Unified by the California Attorney General Rob Bonta. Additionally, a Superior Court judge in San Bernardino County has temporarily halted Chino Valley Unified’s policy until a formal, lengthy hearing takes place in October. 

These policies are common sense protections for parents who have the God-given responsibility and the constitutional right to direct the upbringing, healthcare, and education of their own children. Thankfully, school districts are finally upholding parents’ rights despite backlash from state leaders. It’s time to protect these rights statewide. 



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