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Yolo County Library Violates First Amendment, Censors CFC Speaker

The government should not be shutting down free speech. At an event organized by Moms for Liberty (MFL) Yolo County, I had the opportunity to address the topic of “fair and safe” sports for girls.  I, along with several other distinguished speakers, planned to address the topic from various angles. My intention was to highlight the current policies affecting our young athletes and to underscore the importance of providing them with a level playing field. I drew from my own experiences as a former college athlete to illuminate the challenges girls now face today.

A minute into sharing my story, I faced an interruption from the librarian over saying, “Current 10 year old girls cannot live out the same dream [I had] as long as men are allowed to compete in women’s sports.” He said that statement was misgendering people and violated the library rules requiring people to be treated with respect. Despite my attempt to keep the event going by using terms like “biological girls” and “biological men,” the situation escalated, and I was ultimately asked to leave. The entire event was subsequently shut down.

I took to X (formerly known as Twitter) to express my feelings and recounted that the librarian threatened to shut down the entire meeting unless I left. Later, we moved to a nearby park to continue our event.

I believe in the First Amendment rights and the importance of open dialogue in shaping our society. The interruption was a stark reminder of the challenges in promoting these values, but it also reaffirmed my conviction to stand for truth. As a speaker for the “Fair and Safe Sports for Girls” event held at a public venue, I felt that I should be able to share my personal experiences and opinions without fear of being silenced. It deeply concerns me that a statement on biological differences can lead to such abrupt action. No one should face retribution for stating a biological fact.

MFL Yolo County, the main organizer, chose the library’s community room for the event to encourage open discussion, even among those with differing viewpoints.

It’s essential for all of us to remember the importance of free speech, open dialogues, and respect for all viewpoints. Our society can only progress when we are willing to listen and engage constructively, even when we disagree.

Thank you for standing with us. Together, let’s continue to champion the truth in love.



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