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CA School Board President Receives Death Threats for Protecting Parents’ Rights

The president of the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Board has received death threats directed at her, her children, and even her pets after voting to implement a policy that mandates schools inform parents if students express a desire to identify as a different gender. This includes using alternative pronouns or names, and accessing facilities that do not align with their biological sex.

CVUSD president Sonja Shaw revealed in an interview on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” that her district received an anonymous phone call threatening her life and threatening to “dismember” her just one day after the vote was taken.

“A lot of things were said, but one thing was very clear — this person was going to kill me, and they said they were going to dismember my body parts, my limbs more specifically,” Shaw told Perkins.

When Shaw checked her district email, she was overwhelmed with more threatening messages, such as “You’re going to die,” “your children are going to die,” and “your animals are going to die.” The emails even included references to her personal life and the kind of animals she owned to further intimidate her.

Further, the left-wing terrorist organization Antifa posted on their website, “We declare war on Sonja Shaw.” They posted her personal address as well along with the message, “Use all force possible to stop her.”

“To me, as nerve wracking as that is — because I’m a parent, I’m a mother — it was devastating. Because why are we doing this? To keep kids safe,” Shaw said.

This incident should serve as a warning to all California parents to pay close attention to the adult figures in their children’s lives. Shaw’s experience shows that this battle over children’s innocence is not to be taken lightly. As she noted, these are the people that are after our children.” 

It’s clear that there are powerful individuals within our state government and our public schools working to groom and indoctrinate children into identifying as LGBTQ and parent involvement is seen as a threat.  Knowing that LGBTQ activists are targeting California students, it’s more important than ever that notification policies, like the one recently enacted at CVUSD, be implemented throughout the state to help parents protect their children. 

However, when protecting children from evil, Christians can expect a backlash, especially as the country becomes further entrenched in a deeply spiritual culture war. Hopefully, Christian leaders will not be intimidated, but continue to show the strength and courage like Shaw has in the face of persecution and entrust their lives to God for their protection. 


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