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Governor Gavin Newsom Defames Pro-Life Woman

Governor Gavin Newsom is falsely promoting a video of a pro-life advocate, Macy Petty, as a pro-abortion woman panicking over the Supreme Court decision to over turn Roe v. Wade.  But she wasn’t panicked at all. She was on the steps of the U.S Supreme Court crying tears of joy over the court ruling. Newsom has now slandered and defamed Petty twice, leaving her extremely upset and wanting the video taken down.

The first instance happened October 2022, when Governor Newsom tweeted a video from the official “Yes on Prop 1” campaign showing Petty joyfully crying outside the US Supreme Court as she first found out that Roe v. Wade had been overturned. Yet, the video portrayed her as “sad” in order to promote California Proposition 1, which enshrined abortion in the California State Constitution up to the moment of birth.

California Family Council and Petty both spoke out about this act of defamation, calling on Governor Newsom to apologize and for the Yes on Prop 1 Campaign to take down the video.

“In your campaign video, you portrayed me in an evil light and distorted my emotions as part of your political game” Petty wrote in her official statement. While there was no apology or removal of the video defaming Petty, the Yes on Prop 1 campaign reposted the same video and had replaced Petty with another woman crying. Although the original post still remains up.

Just a few days ago, Governor Newsom once again uses a video of Petty crying tears of joy to portray how women were “panicking” about Roe v. Wade being overturned. Newsom is using a false video to promote his pro-abortion stance, while pretending to safeguard women, and simultaneously slandering a female.

In response Petty tweeted, “Once again @GavinNewsom is using my joy of Dobbs to promote abortion. After changing the previous video, you chose to use another clip from the same video in a similar manner- KNOWING I am pro-life. What don’t you understand? I am OVERJOYED about the Dobbs decision.” 

The California Family Council and Macy Petty are urging Governor Gavin Newsom to apologize for his act of defamation, remove the video from circulation, and never again use Macy Petty’s name to promote a pro-abortion stance.

Watch our interview with Petty below: 


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