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FDA Claims Emergency Contraception Cannot Cause Abortion, Bioethicist Raises Concerns

Last week, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) made yet another concerning decision that serves the left’s pro-choice agenda.  

The FDA revised consumer information regarding “emergency contraception,” also known as Plan B, saying that it cannot cause abortions. 

The federal agency now claims that Plan B prevents ovulation by stopping the release of an egg from a woman’s ovary, and that it will not work after fertilization. This statement is questionable at best. 

The New York Times reports that the FDA’s new position was not based on any new evidence. The FDA only “considered evidence contained in an application from some consumer group in 2018 to alter the label,” said John Brehany, Executive Vice President and Director of Institutional Relations for the National Catholic Bioethics Center (NCBC). “Could taking Plan B still allow conception or fertilization to take place? The short answer is yes,” he continued. 

Plan B is sometimes taken by women after having sex and realizing that no contraceptives were used. It is also used by rape victims. Some Catholic hospitals try to determine whether ovulation has taken place before administering the drug out of concern that it will act as an abortifacient. 

The NCBC claims that a woman using Plan B after a sexual assault “should have moral certitude that giving Plan B will successfully prevent ovulation, but it should not be given at a time when it would not prevent ovulation but it may impact implantation,” said Brehany. “I think there’s still some questions out there that make that good advice.”

The FDA’s new determination could be used to undercut any attempts to ensure such “moral certainty” that ovulation has not taken place. It could also be used to justify a “dispense-on-demand legal framework.”

Brehany went on to voice another concern. “I would say that once Plan B is available on demand they’ll probably up the ante further by making something like Ella available on demand.”

Ella is another emergency contraceptive drug, but it is closer in chemical composition to the abortion drug RU-486. “It’s much more likely to alter the endometrium where a human embryo would seek to implant and make it harder for the embryo to implant and survive,” said Brehany.

The FDA is playing games with women’s health. Women deserve to know exactly what a drug they are taking is capable of. Some women may innocently think they’re not ending a human life, but merely preventing ovulation. 

This isn’t the first time the FDA has revealed its political leanings with a concerning decision. The agency has referred to pregnancy as a “medical condition” in order to justify the use of chemical abortion drugs. It also recklessly approved and promoted chemical abortions with devastating effects on children and their mothers.  

Instead of serving a political agenda, the FDA should prioritize offering complete and accurate information for the sake of women’s health and conscience rights.


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