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California Mom Sues School for Counseling Daughter to “Transition”

Parental rights are under relentless attack in California as schools attempt to indoctrinate students without their parents’ knowledge or consent. A recent story is further evidence that California legislators need to take action to safeguard parental rights and protect children from the dangerous consequences of gender ideology. 

California mother Aurora Regino is suing the Chico Unified School District in northern California for helping her daughter consider a gender transition without notifying her. The lawsuit calls for a permanent injunction against the district’s alleged “Parental Secrecy Policy.”

Aurora appeared on Fox News and said that she was “appalled” by the school’s response to her 11-year-old daughter’s desire to “transition” from a female to a male. 

“For a few months she had opened up to a guidance counselor and the guidance counselor the very day that she opened up and said she felt like a male, she walked her to class and affirmed it that day,” she said.

Aurora’s daughter was allegedly “unsure” whether she wanted to socially transition with a male name and pronouns, but felt “pressured” by the school counselor to adopt them.

The lawsuit alleges that the daughter did not “fully understand what was happening,” but school staff began to address her by a male name while she was still being addressed as female at home. 

The counselor also began to encourage the students to have discussions about “sexuality and gender identity” amongst themselves, including how to cope with confusion about their gender.

Aurora also mentioned that she never gave permission to the school counselor to meet with her daughter privately.

“My daughter did mention to the school counselor that she wanted to tell me, and the school counselor dismissed her request and was trying to get her to come out to other people first,” Aurora added. 

Aurora said she eventually found out about her daughter’s desire to “transition” and the secret meetings with the school counselor from her daughter’s grandmother. She then immediately contacted the school principal.

School offices told Aurora AB 1266 was the law requiring them to hide her daughter new identity, a bill signed in 2013 to permit students to participate in sports and use bathrooms based on their chosen gender identity, not their biological sex. The text of the bill says nothing regarding keeping a student’s gender identity secret from parents. Yet, in the California Department of Education’s Q&A page on AB 1266, it recommends keeping a separate file on a student’s gender identity, which is kept secret from parents. 

"To prevent accidental disclosure of a student’s transgender status, it is strongly recommended that schools keep records that reflect a transgender student’s birth name and assigned sex (e.g., copy of the birth certificate) apart from the student’s school records. ...

Pursuant to the above protections, schools must consult with a transgender student to determine who can or will be informed of the student’s transgender status, if anyone, including the student’s family. "

Under no circumstances should a school hide personal information about a student from their parents, much less provide private counsel without their knowledge or consent. Parents know their children best and they alone have the right to direct the mental health of their children. 

“They don’t need their family cut off from them,” said Aurora. “It’s a time in their life where they need their family the most.”

Aurora is right. Children suffering from gender confusion need the guidance and wisdom of their parents, not activism from school staff. It’s time for our representatives to finally step up and take action to protect children like Aurora’s daughter from gender ideology in schools.


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