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CA High School Teacher Says Teaching Proper English is Part of “White Supremacy”

Critical Race Theory in the classroom is undermining the education of California’s children. A recent video reveals that some of the state’s public school teachers believe grammar rules and proper writing skills are rooted in the racism of white people.  

In a video posted to social media, a California English teacher claimed that teaching students “how to write properly” is rooted in white supremacy and vowed to take a different approach to teaching English. She also said that white supremacy “runs deep” in schools.

 “What do I mean by that?” said Marta Shaffer, an English teacher at Oroville High School in northern California. “Well, let’s look at how we write essays: Start with an introduction that includes a thesis; always cite your sources; use transition words like ‘however’ and ‘therefore.’ They are all made-up rules. They’re arbitrary. They were created by Westerners in power.” 

Shaffer also believes that the IQ bell curve and the SAT are “racist,” according to Fox News.  “The writers of these tests were made up almost entirely of white people … and they still are,” she said.

“Public education is an institution that upholds lots of problematic systems in our society like white supremacy and misogyny and colonization, etc. I try to undermine that B.S. in my classroom as much as I can,” she continued. 

Shaffer called proper English grammar the “language of power” and said she would begin the school year with lessons “honoring how we talk rather than teaching students how to write properly.”

Instead of teaching students proper English writing – the core purpose of the English teacher’s position – she indoctrinates them in woke ideology that undermines their education and only hurts their chances for educational advancement and potential future career achievement.

These ideas stem from Critical Race Theory, which teaches children to view one another in terms of race. It pits groups against each other, instead of recognizing each person as an individual. It also assumes that people of a certain race or identity are inherently oppressed without regard for their individual circumstances. These are fundamentally anti-Christian ideas. 

The classroom is no place for activism. Instead of educating students, many teachers are indoctrinating or schooling them. John Stonestreet explains the distinction between schooling and education writing, “When students are indoctrinated in critical theories regarding gender and race, when pushback is considered ‘harassment’ or ‘racism’…it’s not education.” This is exactly what is happening in California classrooms. 

Children should not be taught what to think, but how to think critically and creatively. They should be taught the skills they will need to succeed outside the classroom, including proper English, regardless of how the teacher views those skills. 

Moreover, children need to learn proper grammar and writing rules to thrive both academically and professionally. Refusing to teach them these skills only does them a grave disservice. 

California schools should focus on providing a well-rounded education that helps students develop virtues and seek the truth. This type of education will equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in life. By prioritizing true education, California schools can better serve their students and help them reach their full potential.



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