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CFC Defends Web-Designer’s Right to Say “No” to Endorsing Same-Sex Weddings

California Family Council (CFC) has joined family policy councils across the country to file a legal brief supporting Lorie Smith, a Colorado web designer fighting a Colorado law that would force her to create messages endorsing same-sex marriage. The case is currently before the U.S. Supreme Court.
“Whether it’s Colorado, Washington, D.C., or California, we’re proud to stand in defense of free speech and religious liberty,” said CFC President Jonathan Keller.
Keller is joining allies from across the country outside the Supreme Court this morning for a rally during the case’s oral arguments. The justices have already read the CFC’s joint brief.
“Colorado is trying to bully a Christian business owner into applauding same-sex marriage or risk the government forcing her out of business,” Keller said. “We’re grateful to Lorie Smith for standing up and our friends at Alliance Defending Freedom for taking the case to the Supreme Court.”


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