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Newsom Discriminates Against Christians with “Gender” Bias Testing for Police Officers

Gov. Newsom is discriminating against Christians with yet another unconstitutional bill. This time, anyone who disagrees with transgender ideology could be barred from working as police officers, according to a report from The Washington Stand.

In September, Newsom signed AB 2229 into law. The law requires all police applicants to complete a psychological evaluation that tests for “gender” or “sexual orientation” bias, even though an existing mandate already requires the state’s Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training to revoke a police officer’s badge if he shows signs of such bias. 

Another bill that died this year, but could be introduced again, builds on these measures. AB 2547 would have require police departments to search “applicant social media profiles” for “content indicative of potential biases, such as affiliation with hate groups.” State officials claim that police departments should investigate applicants’ social media accounts for “disqualifying bias,” such as referring to a transgender identified person by his or her biologically correct pronouns. 

The term “bias” in these mandates remains undefined. However, the auditor of the State of California offered an example of “gender” or “sexual orientation” bias in a report after evaluating five police departments. The report claims that an officer is guilty of a “disqualifying” act of “bias” if he were to post a meme on his personal social media profile that refers to the assistant secretary of HHS Richard Levine, who is a biological man that believes he is a woman, as a man. 

The report also encouraged human resources officials to perform a “[c]heck of applicants’ social media websites for disqualifying content” and “[s]creen out applicants with implicit or explicit biases.” It’s not a stretch to assume that even posting a verse from the Bible that mentions God creating mankind “male and female” could be considered disqualifying biased against nonbinary people.

Further, the Washington Stand reports that “Newsom’s guidelines require implicit bias tests to examine an applicant’s adherence to LGBTQ ideology. One such test measures negative brain activity, involuntary physical responses, and how long it takes for the applicant to match such positive words as ‘glorious’ with ‘pictures of same-sex couples standing next to each other or holding hands.’”

 In other words, a Christian, or anyone who believes in biology, natural law, or the traditional family unit, could be denied a job because of their deeply held beliefs. This is a clear violation of religious liberty and free speech. Further, having these beliefs does not hinder an applicant’s ability to perform well as a police officer, and there is no logical reason for this mandate. 

No one should have to choose between freely expressing their religious beliefs and keeping their job. Newsom’s new law and AB 2547 are exactly the kinds of policies that the First Amendment protects all American citizens against. 

Meanwhile, police recruitment has declined while crime rates surge in California. Newsom is not acting in the best interest of anyone but leftist elites.  



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