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California Mother Saves Daughter with Abortion Pill Reversal Thanks to Sidewalk Counselors

California may be under a radical pro-abortion governor, but there is always reason for hope. Transformations of hearts and minds are happening daily, and a recent story is a perfect example of why Californians should always remain hopeful in the fight for life.  

LifeSite news reports that one California mother named Karla had attempted a chemical abortion, but had a change of heart in the middle of the several-day-long process.  

A local abortion mill told Karla that the abortion procedure was too far along to stop, but sidewalk counselors refused to give up hope and brought Karla to a local pregnancy center for an abortion reversal. There she was able to successfully save her child.

After her baby was born, Karla brought her newborn daughter to a 40 Days for Life rally in Escondido, California.

“Karla brought the baby to the [event], allowed us to hold her, and thanked everyone for their prayers and for the help they bring out to the sidewalks,” said a local campaign leader. 

Despite many abortion pill reversal success stories, Planned Parenthood continues to deny the fact that abortion reversal drugs do work, claiming they “haven’t been proven in reliable medical studies.” Ironically, abortion organizations claim to stand for “choice” while they discourage abortion pill reversals. 

Further, the abortion pill isn’t safe for women or their children. It leaves women in excruciating pain and insurmountable trauma. They deserve to know that even after an abortion pill has been taken, they can still choose to let their child live and avoid the life-long wound inflicted by the death of a child. 

Women facing crisis pregnancies and pressure to abort also deserve to know about the many life-saving services pregnancy resource centers offer. The sidewalk counselors that brought Karla into the pregnancy resource center are an excellent example of what pro-lifers are called to do for women in need. Simply informing women about the free resources available to them can save lives. 

Pregnancy centers offer free pregnancy testing and obstetrical ultrasounds, pregnancy and parenting education, help with material needs, community referrals, and after-abortion care. “In 2019 alone, pregnancy centers provided free services estimated at $270 million — including 500,000 ultrasounds, 732,000 pregnancy tests, 160,200 STI/STD tests, parenting and prenatal education programs, post-abortion support services, nearly 1.3 million packages of diapers, over 300,000 car seats, and nearly 200,000 strollers,” reports Live Action. If pro-choicers truly cared about women having “choices,” they would be supporting these centers.  

Karla’s story demonstrates that the steps we take at the local level can completely change someone’s future and transform hearts. Pro-lifers may not be able to fight back against Gov. Newsom’s radical abortion agenda on their own, but they do have the power to foster a culture of life through individual interactions. Through compassionate encounters and education, pro-lifers have saved lives time and time again. By continuing to spread information about the life-affirming options available, pro-lifers can change the landscape in California one encounter at a time. 



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