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California School District Instructs Teachers to Hide Students’ Pronouns from Parents

Gender ideology is taking over California schools, and districts continue to find new ways to indoctrinate students while undermining parental rights. This time, one district is blatantly instructing educators to hide crucial information about students’ “identities” from their parents.   

According to a Daily Caller report, San Francisco Unified School District provided educators with an “LGBTQ Student Services” guidebook, which included resources explaining how to hide students’ gender transitions from their parents and expose children to gender ideology. 

According to school documents, San Francisco educators are instructed to use the given slides “to briefly explain pronouns to your students including the singular ‘they’ personal pronoun. The more exposure students have, the more commonplace it will become.”

The slides go on to explain the differences between pansexual, omnisexual, fluid, hetero-, homo-, lesbicurious, hetero-, homo-, lesbiflexible, and queer individuals. Educators are encouraged to explain these differences to their students and “introduce pronouns to their classes.” 

These “preferred pronouns” validate and encourage a movement that is permanently sterilizing and mutilating minors. This is more than a matter of semantics – it has dangerous real-world consequences. 

Further, elementary school teachers were given a worksheet to hand out to their students, asking them to write down the name they wanted to be called at school. The handout asks the students if they would like the teacher to call them “a boy, a girl, or something else.” It even asks students which name teachers should use when speaking with their parents. 

Educators were instructed to be open to “shifts” in students’ identities and to allow them to change their name and pronouns accordingly. If they misgendered a student, teachers were required to “apologize and immediately use the correct pronoun,” according to the documents. 

 The guidelines also explained to educators that “LGBTQ students have a right to privacy” and that their sexual orientation and gender identity must be kept “confidential.” 

 Lastly, the guidebook explained that teachers can use the title “Mx.” instead of Mr. or Ms., as a “gender-neutral” alternative. 

The San Francisco Unified School District’s instructions for educators are entirely inappropriate and completely beyond the boundaries schools should abide by for the sake of children’s safety and parental rights. Parents have every right to not only know, but determine the names and pronouns that staff use to refer to their children while at school. Staff should never address minor students by a name or pronouns that differ from their biological sex without permission from a parent, much less keep that information “confidential.” 

Students should be learning factual information and critical thinking skills at school, not subjective worldviews that contradict science and reality. Most importantly, parents should always have access to learning materials and be made aware of everything that is taught in the classroom, especially when it comes to deeply personal topics pertaining to sexuality. 

Finally, parents need to have difficult conversations with their children to prepare them for a progressive onslaught at school. Children need to know to be prepared to be on the lookout for certain topics in the classroom and be able to identify to their parents controversial topics that are brought up.



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