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California School District Provides “Queer” Calendar for Year-Round LGBTQ Lessons

The Los Angeles Unified School District is providing a “Queer All School Year” calendar to teachers so they can schedule year-round LGBTQ lessons and training sessions.

The calendar includes monthly events used to promote the LGBTQ agenda. In August, the calendar prompts teachers to help students start a Gay Straight Alliance club or a “Rainbow Club” at their school. The calendar links to a website that reminds educators that they are required by California law to teach LGBTQ topics to kids.

In September, educators are encouraged to “teach LGBT-inclusive curriculum all year.” 

October is titled “LGBT History Month, and teachers are prompted to attend the district’s “Standing with LGBTQ+ Students Conference.”

In November, the district asks teachers to schedule an appointment with the Diversity and Equity division to pick up “pronoun pins” and “LGBT History Poster[s].” The call to action for December is to post “LGBTQ-affirming signs” in classrooms and around campus.

 During the second semester, the calendar prompts teachers to “read inclusive books in every grade.” It even recommends specific books that promote transgenderism.

Similarly, over the summer, teachers are asked to share a reading list with students that includes books such as “Two Boys Kissing,” “Gender Identity,” “Transgender Lives: Complex Stories, Complex Voice,” “Gender Issues,” “This Book Is Gay,” “LGBTQ Families: The Ultimate Teen Guide,” “Queer: The Ultimate LGBT Guide for Teens” and “Transgender People.” 

Lastly, teachers are called to ensure that “everyone’s name and gender pronouns are affirmed” and “hold a workshop for parents/caregivers” about gender identity and sexual orientation. One section of the calendar links to a document that reads, “all students have the right to be referred to by their chosen name/pronouns, regardless of their legal or school records.”

While the district is focused on progressive indoctrination, students are failing in core academic subjects. Instead of pushing social justice programming, the district should be focusing on ways to improve its dismal proficiency rates for reading and mathematics. The district is not only failing to help students master the skills they will need to succeed, but it is actively indoctrinating them with harmful ideas.

Further, in order to protect parents’ rights, ideas pertaining to gender and sex should be addressed at home, as they are intrinsically linked to metaphysical beliefs. Schools have no business pushing anti-Christian ideas onto children behind the backs of parents. At the very least, parents should be warned when any upcoming lesson covers these sensitive topics and be given an option to opt-out their children.

 The good news is that when parents band together and speak out, they can make a difference. When students in San Francisco schools suffered from long shut-downs, strict COVID protocols, progressive indoctrination, and illogical leftist policies, voters demanded change in a monumental recall campaign.

It is clear that California’s largest school district is led by  leftists who are harming our children with their LGBTQ+ ideology rather than advancing real education. 

It’s time for parents to continue the grassroots movement in Los Angeles and demand change.



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