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Pro-Life Groups Stops Planned Parenthood from Opening

The Visalia City Council planned to hold a debate to decide whether to establish a new Planned Parenthood location. However, pro-lifers took a stand and prevented the council from following through with its plans.

By writing letters and organizing protests, pro-life activists dissuaded city officials from opening the new abortion clinic.

“We were forced to give up our sale option due to strong objection from the community,” said Lauren Babb, Planned Parenthood’s government affairs vice president.

While Babb claimed this location would not perform abortions, every Planned Parenthood facility encourages women to abort their children. Time and time again, the country’s biggest abortion business has prioritized abortion access over the health and safety of women. 

“Our love for our neighbors is why we so strongly oppose efforts to perform abortions here in Visalia,” wrote Patricia June Boon, a member of Tulares Kings Right to Life, the prolife group that attended the March 7th city council meeting in protest. “Our elected leaders need to hear from everyday citizens who oppose this issue,” Boon continued. “I hope they see how many other citizens of Visalia/Tulare County feel, as I do, that we strongly oppose any expansion of Planned Parenthood.”

This is an excellent example of how citizens can use their voices to create change in their communities. While some might feel we’re not making a difference by writing letters, protesting, or attending meetings, this victory proves otherwise. Sometimes a pro-life presence alone is enough to catalyze change.

Elected officials need to know that pro-life Californians do not want  their abortion extremism in their state. While Gov. Newsom and other representatives work to make California an abortion sanctuary, Christians must speak out louder than ever.

People of faith can help save unborn lives by joining local pro-life organizations, like the Tulares Kings Right to Life, within their churches or communities. They can also write letters to city officials, pray outside of abortion clinics, attend meetings, volunteer at crisis pregnancy centers, and much more.

Each person is responsible for defending the sanctity of life. This is the greatest battle of this generation, and silence is not an option we can afford.

Let’s continue to show up and speak out against the horrors of abortion and the corruption of Planned Parenthood. Please pray that Californians recognize and uphold the dignity of the unborn.



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