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Outrage from Disney over Florida Bill is Woefully Misguided

The Florida state legislature recently passed a necessary bill that would prohibit discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity in K-through-3rd-grade classrooms. The Parental Rights in Education bill, which opponents have falsely labeled the “Don’t Say Gay” bill, has sparked unreasonable national outrage. 

Workers at Disney’s California and Florida locations are holding daily walkouts to protest the bill.

“The Walt Disney Company’s (TWDC) LGBTQIA+ community and their allies are determined to take a stand against TWDC’s apathy in the face of the bigoted ‘Don’t Say Gay or Trans’ bill put forth by the FL state legislature,” wrote Disney workers on WhereIsChapek.com.

The group also demanded Disney ceases all donations to politicians involved in the creation or passing of the bill and stops all investment in Florida until the bill is repealed. 

Disney’s Marvel Studios also published a statement condemning the bill which read, “We strongly denounce any and ALL legislation that infringes on the basic human rights of the LGBTQIA+ community.” 

The outrage over this bill is completely unjustified. It does not impact human rights or the LGBTQ community in any way. It simply protects parents’ rights to decide when and how their children learn about sexuality. The bill states that “[c]lassroom instruction by school personnel or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate.”

The bill never uses the words “gay” or “trans.” It bans discussions about heterosexuality as much as it does about homosexuality. The bill is not anti-LGBTQ, but pro-freedom

Disney employees are recklessly inciting anger with false information and demonizing those who simply aim to protect parents’ rights. LGBTQ activists claim to be about freedom and rights, but they’ve made it clear that what they really care about is power and indoctrinated impressionable children.  

Disney is not the only company that is irresponsibly touting a false narrative. USA Today published an article claiming “Young people in Florida are being told their sexuality or gender identity is so wrong it can’t even be mentioned.”

Again, this statement is egregiously false. Instead, young people in Florida are rightfully being told that we live in a free and diverse country and subjective matters of sexuality should be addressed at home, not by public school teachers.  

Disturbingly, Pixar announced over the weekend that they were restoring a same-sex kissing scene in an upcoming film, Lightyear, as a response to this manufactured outrage over the Florida bill.

Children as young as five-years-old should not be taught about sexuality at all, never mind a perverse version that contradicts God’s design. 

Schools around the country are pushing harmful gender ideology on young children, and every state should pass a Parental Rights in Education bill like Florida’s to protect children and parents’ rights.



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