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Leaked Content Shows Some California Teachers Issuing ‘Pronoun Surveys’

A California teacher has blown the whistle on yet another string of public school-sponsored propaganda, this time in the form of secret pronoun surveys and LGBT gender lessons provided to teachers by the school district, presumably with the hopes that parents won’t see them.

In Santa Barbara, veteran teacher Christy Lozano explains, teachers are given access to a portal that contains “culturally responsive material” – protected by password – for them to use to influence the children under their care.


It isn’t just pronoun surveys; teachers are also asked to promote “Black Lives Matter” content, and other progressive causes, like “LGBTQIA+ Month.”

 As reported by the Heritage Foundation’s Kenny Xu, the Santa Barbara Unified School District has a wide variety of progressive resources on the portal, including materials from Black Lives Matter at School, an activist group dedicated to spreading BLM throughout the K-12 school system, and materials teaching kids how to fight against perceived “systemic racism,” and demand “restorative justice.”

Government school-sponsored indoctrination on political activist topics aren’t appropriate for impressionable children – especially without strict parental oversight. 

In addition, the District also chose to promote the LGBT lobby’s ever-expanding list of objectives, including what could easily be construed as grooming children pick a gender different than their actual sex. Why else would they promote a guide for “Sparkle Boy,” a story about a little boy who enjoys crossdressing?

It isn’t the job of a public schoolteacher to “challenge traditional gender bias,” nor “explore gender identity.” Yet, those are objectives the Santa Barbara Unified School Districts is actively enabling and promoting.

These resources, by the way, aren’t for high-schoolers. They’re labeled as pre-K to 2nd grade in the District’s progressive values portal.

 “It also links to a video and guide for “When Aidan Became a Brother,” a book about a young girl who “transitions” to a boy,” Xu reported. “The guide notes that teachers must be very careful to help students use proper terms and pronouns to refer to trans people.”

Creating confusion in the minds of young children, particularly about their own value and identity, is going to create long-term problems we’re only beginning to see.

One district teacher sent out a “pronoun survey” provided by the school district asking students to list their pronouns. 

The survey also told kids the school would keep their pronouns secret from their parents if they wanted. One question asked “whether the teacher could use the student’s preferred pronouns when contacting home, insinuating that the teacher would be complicit in hiding any changes in the student’s gender identity from the student’s parents,” Xu wrote.

Education in California shouldn’t happen outside of the purview of parental oversight. Period. And this is a glowing example of why.

We need transparency from each and every school district in California. We need to know what is being taught to our children behind closed doors. We need accountability for those who have used the public school platform to force their political ideologies on children.



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