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CA Judge Ends Father’s Parental Rights for Objecting to Gender Transitioning

Gender ideology is beginning to infiltrate every aspect of our lives. It is even driving California court decisions and deeply influencing those whose job it is to objectively apply the law. As a result, parental rights are in grave danger.

California Superior Court Judge Joni Hiramoto presided over a case in which she ended the father’s custody of one of his sons because he did not want his gender dysphoric son to undergo gender “reassignment” transitioning with hormones and surgery. The story was detailed in a recent article published by Abigail Shrier, a writer for the Wall Street Journal and author of Irreversible Damage, The Transgender Craze Seducing Our Daughters.

The article details how Judge Hiramoto presented father, Ted Hudacko, with several hypotheticals in order to test his ideology on gender. “If your son [Drew] were medically psychotic and believed himself to be the Queen of England, would you love him?” asked Hiramoto. Hudacko replied, “Of course I would,” but added that he would try to get his son help. Hiramoto took issue with this qualifier, noting that Drew may be too fragile to be confronted.

Many of the judge’s questions were not pertinent to the case at all. It should not matter how the father feels about transgenderism. It is his right to decide whether or not his son goes through a life-changing hormone treatment or surgery.

Hiramoto went on to ask Hudacko if he believed transgenderism was a sin and if he wished his son didn’t have gender dysphoria. The father avoided these questions and claimed that like any reasonable parent, he simply didn’t want his son to undergo a risky surgery that could cause permanent infertility. However, this was not enough for Hiramoto.

The judge completely ended Hudacko’s parental rights. He was given no say in his child’s transition, which was already planned at a local hospital. He even lost the right to see or talk to his child.

The judge made a life-altering decision for this family based on erroneous science and her own personal, subjective beliefs. The system within our country and state that is meant to protect and establish justice has done the exact opposite. 

This case should frighten and awaken our entire country. Our own judicial system is under attack by dangerous gender ideology, and if we don’t boldly stand up now, the trend will continue and parents’ rights will be dependent on their wokeness.

Without judges who are capable of objectively applying the law and putting aside their own personal beliefs, our country as we know it cannot survive.

In addition to objective judges, we also need medical professionals who are committed to providing accurate, substantiated medical information without the influence of subjective ideologies.

Author Abigail Shrier noted that court cases like this are the “unintended consequences of medical professionals’ fudging science, rewriting medical definitions, and tolerating shoddy research to placate activists.” Because of this, judges are now making decisions for children and their families based on false metaphysics, “as if it were factual that all adolescents have an immutable, ineffable ‘gender identity,’ knowable only to the adolescents themselves.”

Our authorities are increasingly imposing groupthink upon us, as evidenced by this court case and others like it. We must refuse to submit, and at times, defy their orders in order to protect our children and our country.   

If our judicial system and parental rights go down, so too does our nation. We must stand firmly against activist rulings and speak out about the lies and dangers of leftist gender ideology.

Please pray for an end to gender ideology madness and for God’s protection over our country’s foundational institutions and the future of a sound justice system in California.

Take Action: 

The California Family Council and other allies have put together a bill to prevent judges from punishing parents for refusing to agree or consent to transgender drugs and surgeries. But so far they can’t find a legislator to author the bill. Please call your legislators and encourage then to take on this issue.  


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