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Why the San Francisco School Board Recall Could Make Waves

Three radical San Francisco school board members are facing recall next month, and the outcome of this election could significantly impact the trajectory of our state.

Board President Gabriela López and Commissioners Faauuga Moliga and Alison Collins are the three San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) school board members facing recall.

Parents are rightfully upset with these board members for a number of reasons. First, the SFUSD and its board failed to come up with a plan to reopen schools even after schools across the country reopened.

To make matters worse, Board President López erroneously argued that the shutdowns didn’t cause any learning setbacks because children were “just having different learning experiences than the ones we currently measure,” and learned more “about their families and cultures by staying home.” Many parents who watched their children struggle emotionally and academically were outraged by her comments.

Parents are also upset because the school board has focused on pushing leftist politics rather than real education. The board spent nearly $1 million in taxpayer money for a mural depicting Native Americans and slavery and a high school. Further, instead of working to reopen schools, the board spent time renaming 44 of them.

Lastly, parents are fed up with SFUSD board members because of their racial bias. Due to a lawsuit and settlement, there is a cap on the percentage of students of a certain ethnic group that can enroll in Lowell high school, which has a merit-based admissions process. This means that Chinese Americans have to achieve higher scores than any other ethnic group because they represent a “disproportionate” amount of students meeting the school’s requirements.

The recall campaign is a grassroots effort led by Asian Americans, many of whom are liberal Democrats. If the effort is successful, and the board members are ousted on February 15th, it will mean that the policies of the radical left are so unpopular that even Democratic voters are turning away. The population of San Francisco is one of the most left-leaning demographics in the country, and even its parents are fed up with the progressive nonsense coming from their school boards. 

Parents everywhere should be inspired by the movement happening in San Francisco. Too many school districts in California are run by radical leftists looking to further their own agenda rather than advance real education.

We must ensure that our school board seats are only filled by qualified candidates who have our children’s best interest at heart. Otherwise, our taxpayer money will continue going toward programs meant to indoctrinate our children. We need more recall efforts like this one throughout the state in order to take back the public school system in California. School board members work for parents and have a duty to listen to them. If parents find that they are being dismissed or ignored, they should band together and demand change.

Let’s pray for the success of the recall effort in San Francisco and for parents across our state to stand up to leftist school boards.



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