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Parents Against Vaccine Mandates are Pulling Their Kids Out of School and Coming to the Capitol… Again

Parents are returning to the state capitol with their kids on November 15th to protest vaccine mandates being imposed on private and public K-12 students by Governor Gavin Newsom and local school officials. The rally is sponsored by Our Children, Our Choice CA, a grassroots organization started by two stay-at-home moms by simply creating their own Facebook page. They organized a similar event at the capitol on October 18th that drew thousands of concerned parents who pulled their kids out of school for the day to protest what they saw as a violation of their rights as parents to make medical decisions for their children.

Capitol officials said October’s crowd was at least 2500, with organizers believing the number was much higher. But for their November event Our Children, Our Choice CA hopes to double those numbers. And they just might do it now that the Federal Drug Administration has authorized, to the alarm of many, the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine for emergency use in children 5 through 11 years of age. 

Our Children Our Choice founders, Amber Faddis and Tess Van Dusen, said they stand by the vaccinated and unvaccinated and that this event is simply promoting the freedom to choose.

“We are not here to take a stand against vaccines,” Van Dusen told the capitol crowd on October 18th. “We are here because we are mothers; we are fathers; we are grandparents; we are teachers and staff members, and it is our natural instinct to protect our children.” 

“If you choose to get this vaccine, we stand with you,” Van Dusen continued with Faddis by her side. “If you choose not to get this vaccine, we stand with you. We all choose what is best for our children, because they are our children and they are our choice.” 

Now that the FDA has given emergency approval for elementary school kids, vaccinations have already started with some vaccination site locations offering kids COVID-19 shots along with scavenger hunts and blow-up animals. Dr. Erica Pan told KCRA news, “California expects to have more than 1.2 million doses of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine available for children ages 5-11.” 

“We want our kids back in school without episodic closures,” Newsom said recently. “California has outperformed the nation in keeping our kids safely back for in-person instruction because of the social-emotional benefits. States that don’t follow masking guidance and vaccination efforts have substantially higher school closures than the state of California.” 

But former surgeon John Hopkins Children’s Center surgeon and Trump administration official Dr. Ben Carson told Fox News that the move to give children the COVID-19 vaccinations doesn’t make sense.

“Do we want to put our children at risk, when we know that the risk of the disease to them is relatively small, but we don’t know what the future risks are?” Dr. Carson asked in an interview with reporter Maria Bartiromo. “Why would we do a thing like that? It makes no sense whatsoever.”

Facebook posts promoting the rally at the CA State Capitol on Nov. 15th have had some push back from people saying parents need to go to their local school board not the state capitol to protest vaccine mandates because this is a local issue. But frustration is building with many school boards refusing to act.

“These school boards aren’t listening and/or are afraid to make bold moves (yes; there are a few, but not enough!),” wrote parent Elizabeth Henderson in response. “This is our opportunity to empower them at a larger level and to show solidarity across the entire state! We can no longer remain passive! Let’s get to Sacramento and give them an event that will make a positive change.”

Action Item:

Sign the Petition Against COVID-19 Vaccinations

Besides attending this upcoming rally at the capitol on November 15 starting at 10 a.m., we encourage you to sign California Family Council’s Petition Against COVID -19 Vaccine Mandates to send a message to our state legislators that mandating universal COVID-19 vaccinations for our children and for adults is wrong.

The Family Research Council, an organization that California Family Council partners with, has put together this resource page for Christian regarding COVID -19 vaccine mandates: https://prayvotestand.org/vaccine

Here is a list of other organizations around California fighting and holding events against COVID-19 vaccination mandates. 

  • Let Them Breathe: An organization suing the San Diego Unified School District over student COVID-19 vaccination mandate.
  • Moms on the Ground: A grassroots movement to end COVID vaccines mandates for children.
  • The Unity Project: An organization standing for parents’ freedom of choice in our kids’ health care.
  • Power to the Parents California is a passion project started by three mothers in California who believe that parents have the ultimate say in what goes into their child’s body + mind-not the government. One is a public school mother, one is a private school, and one is a homeschooler.
  • Fire Fighters for Freedom: They are a group of Stakeholders of the LAFD, (Los Angeles City Fire Department), who are extremely concerned and passionately dedicated to preserving our God Given Rights of Free Choice endowed to us by our Creator.


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