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No, Governor: We Do Not Want to be an Abortion “Freedom State.”

Radicalized pro-abortionists continue to promote California as the undisputed home of left-wing extremism. Just last week, Governor Gavin Newsom signed two bills that are claimed to “protect” the tragic choice to kill a child in the womb. These bills makes it easier for people who are still on their parent’s health policy to keep their abortions confidential and not notify their parents. As Jonathan Keller of California Family Council (CFC) notes, this law does not distinguish between 12 or 25 year olds.

“Parents should be consulted before their minor children are given life-altering medical treatment,” he said. “It’s deeply concerning that the Legislature and the governor continue to usurp parental authority.”

In short, Governor Newsom’s idea of protecting women is for minors to be able to have abortions without telling their parents.

This bill does not actually protect women. Enabling women – especially minors – to end the life of a child is not protection. This tragedy will haunt women for their entire lives. 

Furthermore, cutting parents out of their daughter’s lives, particularly involving something so serious as an unplanned pregnancy, hurts those young girls. Abortion is our greatest modern sin and California has gained the reputation of the biggest sinner. Thankfully, there are more and more Californians who disagree with this radical escalation of pro-abortion politics.

How far gone are we as a nation? Thankfully, more people around the country, particularly in California, are starting to awaken to this travesty.

Pro-abortion bills in states like California may be advancing, but pro-lifers are succeeding in not only with Texas’ “heartbeat” bill but also in states like South Carolina, Idaho, Kentucky, and Tennessee. Eventually, the cause of abortion will be a losing one. It is evil and unnatural, and more citizens across the country are holding the line.

The left-wing in California and throughout the nation wants to absolve people (mothers and fathers) from responsibility, claiming that choices do not have consequences. But sooner than later, our society will accept that despite its legality, abortion isn’t just.

Governor Gavin Newsom may want California to be a “reproductive freedom state,” but pro-life Californians will continue to advocate for the unborn and parents in crisis pregnancies.

There is hope – and CFC is working to provide some of it.


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