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At Least One Female Inmate Pregnant Since Biological Men Invaded California’s Prisons

On January 1, 2021, a new law became effective in California, SB 132, allowing biological male offenders who “identify” as female to transfer into women’s prisons.

Conservatives and the California Family Council warned of the predictable consequences this law would bring: with women inmates now reporting assaults and traumatization by biologically male inmates.

To make matters worse, some of the men awaiting transfer into women’s prisons in California are likely to be convicted sex offenders.

Anticipating sexual assault was likely after transferring men into women’s facilities, the California Department of Corrections began providing condoms and the Plan B abortion pill to female inmates, a tacit admission by officials that women should expect to be raped. 

Now, at least one female inmate in California is pregnant.

One female who spoke to the Women’s Liberation Front pleaded:

“Does anyone care that we are being forced to house with 6’2, 250+ lbs men with penises that are here for brutally raping women? We have been warned by the officials in this prison, more are coming with worse charges. Where is the safety concern for us?” 

This is tragic. 

Will California legislators now see the recklessness of giving biological men access to spaces that are meant for women? Will they see that even if they support the transgender ideology, lines have been dangerously crossed and women’s safety is directly threatened?

Again – these consequences were entirely predictable. Even before this California law was first proposed as a bill and passed, when the radical left first became infatuated with “non-binary” and “queer” and “transgender” identities, rational Californians could foresee that pretending a biological man could ever be anything other than a biological man spelled certain disaster.

Over the past year and a half, we have been told to “follow the science.” Well, it’s time for radical Californians to listen: follow the science. Follow biological facts. Men and women are different from the moment of conception.

When we pretend that women can be men and men can be women, people get hurt.

Little girls are exposed to naked men in female-only areas, as happened at the Wi Spa in Los Angeles last month. Women’s sports are invaded by men, resulting in unsafe competition and hard-fought medals, stolen. Women in prison are abused and traumatized.

The absurdity must end or California will enter a complete state of chaos.

The recall election to remove Governor Gavin Newsom is deadlocked according to polls, but the fact that Newsom is even facing a recall election speaks volumes.

Science has been ignored, and Californians are fed up.

Men are men; women are women. Follow the science. Follow the Bible.



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