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UCSF’s Gory Details Expose Abortion Industry’s Inhumanity

Live Action, a CFC ally and staunch pro-life organization that uncovers the realities of abortions, recently released documents related to UC San Francisco’s research department. According to documents, UC San Francisco has been using its Women’s Options Center as a front for harvesting human genitalia from abortion victims to be shipped off for “research.”

Second trimester abortions are typically done by using labor induction abortion procedures. Studies have shown that up to 50% of children aborted this way are alive when born,    enabling   the center to ship off fresher human remains. 

Keep in mind that one of UCSF’s own, Dr. Diana Greene Foster, stated on record during a Senate hearing in 2016 that abortion victims born alive should not automatically receive medical care. Live Action also reported that the center has no protocol for surviving victims of abortion to be given medical care.

And it gets worse.

Included in Live Action’s article exposing UCSF were shipping logs listing which human parts were being shipped to each research center; some blatantly requested human tissue from either a male or female. Each request and shipping log obtained by Pro-Life San Francisco shows at least two to three victims worth of tissue per shipment. One shipping log shows bladders and genitalia from two male victims as well as female genitalia and uterus from a third victim. 

Moreover, taxpaying Californians are funding this disgusting trade. UCSF receives grants and public funds to continue this practice, with taxpayers having no oversight in how that money is dispersed. 

The Women’s Options Center was also open for business during the COVID-19 shutdown under the guise of being a “medical institution.” While UCSF and the Center promote science for the sake of medical discoveries, one must ask – since when did the science of medicine to save human life turn to outright murder for the sake of “saving humanity?” 

Ironically, this is the same institution that promotes sterlizing transgender drugs and caters to the idea that gender is fluid. Meanwhile, the harvesting of gender-specific human anatomy for research requests are quickly being filled in the name of “science.”

This issue goes beyond the question of human and women’s rights; this is an outright massacre of human children, funded by taxpayers. One cannot claim they are fighting for future generations when they blatantly destroy members of the next generation to come. 

Shipping off human body parts for research is something out of a horror film, and we need to wake up and hold our elected officials accountable for funding it.



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