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California’s Travel Ban is a Classic Case of Hypocrisy

The radical left and its most prominent politicians display a glaring pattern of projection, accusing vast swaths of people of perpetuating hate and discrimination, while they themselves actively cancel others on the basis of religious beliefs or political views.

When announcing California’s expansion of the politically-based travel ban several weeks ago, California Attorney General Rob Bonta asserted, “We’re in the midst of an unprecedented wave of bigotry and discrimination in this country.” This, of course, was said in the same breath that Bonta announced 17 states California now prohibits state-funded travel to due to their common-sense, constituent-supported policies.

What are the crimes of these 17 states? Passing a variety of legislation, which ultimately protects children and religious liberty. Arkansas, for example, has outlawed physicians providing sterilizing transgender drugs  to minors, while states like Florida and West Virginia are preventing biological males from competing on female sports teams in schools.

Of course, it is easy for Democrat legislators to support this travel ban in the name of anti-discrimination, but the policy is rooted in falsehoods. “Rather than focusing on solving real issues,” Bonta furthered complained in a painful sense of irony, “some politicians think it’s in their best interest to demonize trans-youth and block life-saving care.” 

The truth is that prohibitive measures put in place by states like Arkansas actually best protect youth, trans-identifying or otherwise, especially within the view of biological facts and supporting long-term health. Puberty blockers have no evidence of being safe for children when used long term to permanently prevent puberty, and in fact, indicate potential cognitive deficits when used in adults. Politicians and even radicalized doctors who support sterilizing cross-sex hormones and puberty blockers for minors ignore the reality that most children suffering from gender confusion are already dealing with other psychological issues. Adding transgener drugs or altering the anatomy of someone’s body will not solve or eradicate those preexisting conditions, and can potentially exacerbate them.

Sadly, many parents will be swindled into the belief that providing such devastating medical “treatment” is the best way to love and support their children.

As for sports team participation, males and females are biologically different – this is established and irrefutable. All-female sports teams provide girls and women the opportunity to thrive both personally and athletically by developing character, while honing competitive skill. Allowing biological males who identify as female to compete against biological females is grossly unfair and perhaps the most anti-women modern policy to date. Further harming young women is permitting biological males to share private spaces like locker rooms. Our daughters should be able to go to school and participate in sports in a safe environment, and these maddening policies only put them in harm’s way.

Despite Bonta and others’ repeated accusations of homophobia and prejudice, opposing radical policies like endorsing medical experimentation on adolescents and placing biological males in sensitive female locations is not bigotry – it is rational and in the best interest of our children and our country.



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