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“Pride” Before a Fall: Corporate America’s Capitulation

Do you remember a time when businesses and corporations focused on research and development, job creation, and local causes?  Do you remember when the focus shifted?

California changed its focus years ago. But now, every June—during so-called “Pride Month”—the entire nation is reminded that capitalism has taken a backseat to wokism. The “rainbows” are everywhere.

But here’s an interesting question: Do most companies enthusiastically broadcast their support for “Pride Month” because they’re sincerely excited about homosexuality, bisexuality, or transgenderism? Or do corporate giants comply because they’re afraid to look like they don’t care enough?

The fringe LGBT lobby has an aggressive playbook: induce fear in America’s businesses in an effort to force broad acceptance of LGBT priorities. It’s the main reason activists sued Jack Phillips, the Christian baker in Colorado. Despite being slapped down at the Supreme Court, Jack is now back in court for a third time. For those watching who are tempted to follow Jack’s courage in standing up for God’s design for human sexuality and gender, the message is simple: sit down and shut up, or you will be next.

When it comes to companies who kowtow to the radical left, far too many conservatives continue to look the other way. From mayors to governors to even some church leaders, some are apparently afraid of causing any disruption or even offering a mild rebuke.

Even outside during of an election year, you and I still have to vote with our dollars. PublicSquare can help you defund the cultural engineering these woke companies are doing by refusing to participate in their scheme. For example, if you don’t support Planned Parenthood or the abortion industry, consider whether or not the products you buy and the retailers you might frequent support abortion. You have options in the marketplace.

Why should it matter to companies, who exist to generate profits and pay wages, that Americans be forced to spend an entire month celebrating same-sex fornication?

Corporate America has been co-opted into serving as the LGBT lobby’s megaphone. Each year, they ratchet up their efforts to force increasing levels of acceptance and comfortabilitytowards LGBT-choosing people and the policies they need to continue their lifestyles without interruption.

The LGBT lobby is using Corporate America to marginalize Judeo-Christian viewpoints on sexuality and human identity. CFC will not stand by idly while this happens.

Part of our mission is to educate Californians about the opportunities and threats facing Life, Family, and Liberty here in the Golden State. Pro-family Californians’ inability or unwillingness to halt the blind flow of hard-earned dollars to companies who oppose our worldview must end. We have to spend and live consciously of the fact that woke Corporate America will be happy to redirect our funds to Equality California, Planned Parenthood, and anything else the radical left tells them to do.

But we have the power of the wallet.

Join CFC in our effort to promote life, liberty, and limited government. Let’s keep corporate America accountable to our Judeo-Christian values here in California.



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