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Chowchilla Has an Ignorance Problem

There is a lot of disagreement these days on some of the simplest topics. What was once universally accepted as the biological markers of “male” and “female,” chromosomes, have been tossed out the window for less reliable indicators – feelings.

This shift has caused serious and very practical problems in many situations, but perhaps none illustrates the problem better than the situation at California’s Chowchilla women’s prison, created with last year’s passage of SB 132, a bill CFC opposed that lets inmates pick their gender and decide which sex they would like to be housed with.

Just this year, 264 biologically male prisoners have declared to be non-male and requested to be transferred to the women’s prison. And all they had to do to qualify was to say they identified as a gender other than male. These men have criminal histories – some of which include violence against women. Now, they’re in “cramped cells with eight women per room, bunk beds 4 feet apart, a shared restroom, and an uncovered shower.”

This doesn’t sound like a recipe for safety or rehabilitation for women.

This is dangerous not just because of the fact that we’ve placed biological men known to abuse women into situations where they can abuse again, but because institutionalized the decision-making process in a way that is completely disconnected from science. How difficult would it really be for a biological man to overpower a biological woman?

Whether it’s in a jail, a locker room, a gym shower, or on the high school track, biological men – in the vast majority of cases – have a statistical physical advantage over women. We can’t allow the distinction between the two to be erased because it keeps people safe, protects privacy, and ensures fairness in competition.

Part of the issue today is an unwillingness to actually define what a woman is. The Biden Administration is a huge catalyst for this confusion, offering unrestricted support for the idea that biology can be changed, despite no scientific evidence that validates the position.

Just this week, U.S. Department of Education Secretary Miguel Cardona, the top education official in America, said that the department would act if they felt that the civil rights of women were being violated. Of course, he declined to apply his statement narrowly to biological women. This is a window into the Biden Administration’s beliefs on biology.

California’s women and girls are not being put in a position to succeed, in part, due to the fact that the majority of California’s government officials share the same anti-science views as the Biden Administration. Ideally, many of them would like to say they protect women, but in actuality, the political cost to standing up for biological women against the D.C. political machine is too great. They can avoid this conversation entirely by continuing to deflect on the definition of what a woman is.

Legislatures in Idaho, Montana, Florida, Tennessee, West Virginia, Mississippi, Alabama, Arkansas and Louisiana have already passed bills that define females by biology. There’s no reason for California to continue letting emotion overtake science, and put girls and women at further disadvantage.



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