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What Jenner’s Entrance into the Governor’s Race Means for California

In case you missed it, the male Olympic athlete Bruce Jenner, who declared himself a woman named Caitlyn, entered California’s governor race on Friday. Running as a Republican, Jenner’s platform includes many of the things that Republican voters typically like to see: pro-2nd Amendment, fiscal conservatism, etc. Jenner, prior to identifying as a woman, publicly held several conservative positions.

Unfortunately, there is concern that, given Jenner’s self-identification as transgender, the campaign may also create a giant platform for this movement’s radical objectives. Will Jenner’s campaign aggressively to promote the forced acceptance of the LGBT lobby’s policy priorities? CFC remains particularly concerned about policies that sterilize and mutilate minors before reaching adulthood – especially since the vast majority of “gender dysphoria” cases are resolved by the time struggling minors complete puberty. 

There are a lot of candidates in this race already, but this entrance changes the landscape entirely.

Political kingmakers, eager to get rid of Newsom, know the power of fame to garner votes in today’s star-idolizing culture. By embracing the built-in popularity of celebrity candidates like Arnold Schwarzenegger in 2003 (and potentially Jenner in 2021), some operatives believe their chances to unseat the current Democratic governor increase.

But at what cost?

Admittedly, Jenner is a candidate who fits no known mold. Among transgendered candidates nationally – which, to this point, have been few and far between – most hold few, if any, conservative positions. This alone makes Jenner unique. However, to embrace a candidate who so very openly lives in opposition to the tenets of conservative ideology could create an identity crisis itself. Anyone tempted to pick a candidate like Jenner must ask hard questions about where Jenner would actually govern, especially on social issues.

Many Christians will not support a candidate who lives their own life in opposition to God’s creative design – even if it makes sense politically. If the California Republican Party formally embraces Jenner, the state GOP would officially put an end to its unspoken policy of championing Judeo-Christian values and priorities. Winning, at all costs, would replace morality as the new political compass.

Of course, there is a possibility that a candidate like Jenner, if elected, would be less antagonistic towards people of faith than Gavin Newsom. There is a possibility that Jenner would be more pro-life, pro-business, and impose fewer restrictions than Newsom. Those would be good things.

But it’s important that any voter – especially those disenfranchised by Newsom’s overbearing restrictions – seek clarity on what positions a Jenner Administration would take on difficult issues ranging from human identity, to life, to government restrictions on churches.

With the National Day of Prayer approaching on May 6th, we ask you to join us in prayer for the State of California as we enter the challenging election cycle. With this week’s official notice that the petition against Governor Newsom has reached the number of signatures needed to trigger a recall, it’s a critical time to pray and seek wisdom.

CFC will keep you up-to-date as the election moves forward. You can count on us to provide everything you need to know about what those running believe.  



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