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Governor Andrew Cuomo is Right, Human Life is Priceless

In a recent press conference about the slow reopening of business due to the Coronavirus, New York governor Andrew Cuomo asked rhetorically, “How much is a human life worth?” He continued, saying: “That is the real discussion that no one is admitting, openly or freely. That we should. To me, I say the cost of a human life — a human life is priceless. Period.”

Life is a gift. To be sure, what the governor of New York said about the worth of a human life is correct, a human life is indeed priceless. The worth of a human life does deserve to be protected at all costs.

But what about the inconsistencies in governor Cuomo’s words and actions?

But what about the fact that in New York City, abortion clinics remain open, while other nonessential businesses remain closed? What about the fact that last year, the governor of New York legalized abortions up to birth in New York? How does that correlate to the preciousness of a human life? What about the fact that Andrew Cuomo lit up the World Trade Center pink in January of last year to celebrate the legalization of late-term abortions, but named a bridge after his father?

How does governor Cuomo publicly, emphatically state that a human life is pricelsss, when just last year, he signed a bill into law legalizing late-term abortions, and then bragged that New York “is the most aggressive women’s equality platform in the nation.”

What about the fact that governor Cuomo has stood up for animal rights, banning the practice of declawing cats, but refuses to protect a priceless human life? To be sure, no one is objecting to the idea of keeping cats from cruel and painful procedures, but  governor Andrew Cuomo is discriminating against which lives he wants to protect.

What about the fact that a late-term abortion, which governor Cuomo legalized in New York, has been described by former abortionist, Dr. Anthony Levatino as “an absolutely brutal procedure, in which a living human being is torn to pieces.”

If governor Cuomo truly believes that a human life is priceless, what is to be made of all these inconsistencies? Such behavior is irreconcilable to those who truly and firmly hold the worldview that human life is priceless. 

The disproportionate, deliberate disregard for human life by governor Cuomo raises questions about the sincerity of his words in saying a “human life is priceless.”

In as plain language as possible, abortion is murder. Governor Cuomo cannot claim the cost of a human life is priceless while simultaneously sanctioning the murder of innocent human lives at the youngest, most vulnerable of stages.  


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