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Pete Buttigieg Attacks Pro-Lifers, Calls them “Anti-Science”

Democratic pro-abortion candidate Pete Buttigieg attacked pro-lifers during a recent campaign stop in Alabama this week. Buttigieg blasted the pro-life legislators who implemented a law passed by the state legislature this year and signed into law by Republican Governor Kay Ivey.

The bill, signed into law by Governor Kay Ivey – herself a woman – bans abortions in Alabama. During a campaign discussion with Democratic activists and voters, Buttigieg attacked Governor Kay Ivey and the pro-life lawmakers who supported the bill, accusing these individuals of ignoring science and saying their goal was to “punish women.”

According to the Montgomery Advertiser:

Buttigieg criticized the law, saying the legislature was “ignoring science, criminalizing abortion, and punishing women.” The mayor said as president he would prevent “state-level” interference with abortion access and work to abolish the Hyde Amendment, which prevents the use of federal funds to pay for abortions. At a Fox News event around the time of the Alabama ban, Buttigieg said “I trust women to draw the line” on abortion, a line he repeated on Monday.

The ironic thing is that the bill banning abortions in Alabama was sponsored by a woman and signed into law by another woman. State Representative Terri Collins helped to sponsor the bill, and Governor Kay Ivey signed the bill into law. Upon signing the bill, Governor Kay Ivey explained that it is important to not only protect life itself, but also to enhance the lives of mothers and their children. In a statement asking members for their support of the bill she said that pro-life members need to find the “best ways possible to foster a better Alabama in all regards, from education to public safety,” and also said, “We must give every person the best chance for a quality life and a promising future.”

Additionally, according to Pew Research Center data from 2014, 58 percent of Alabama adults (including women) are pro-life and support pro-life legislation – strongly enough to even ban abortion in the state. Forty-nine percent of those Alabama adults were men, and 51 percent were women.

The truth is that Pete Buttigieg’s pro-abortion position is anti-science and anti-woman.



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