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New Children’s Book Promotes Pro Life Principles

A new children’s book, Pro-Life Kids, discussing the difficult issue of abortion has just been released. 

The hardcover book is designed especially for children and stresses the fact that each life has value. It explains in an age-appropriate manner what abortion is, while simultaneously encouraging children to value life and be a voice for the voiceless.

The beautifully illustrated interactive book begins with affirming principles that express value to the reader, “Your life is important,” “You’re one of a kind,” and, “There’s only one you,” are scattered throughout the book.

Author and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation, Bethany Bomberger wanted to stress throughout the book that every life has value and is sacred because every life is created in the image of God. The book points out that at times during history, tragic circumstances such as the Holocaust and slavery have occurred where the value of people is distorted and perverted. It draws parallels between those historical events and the modern-day evil of abortion, showing how a lack of love and equality leads to horrible outcomes at the expense of human life. With cartoons and catchy phrases, Pro-Life Kids gently explains to younger generations how abortions hurts families.

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The book also gives children ideas for how to show love to other people and encourages them to use their voices to speak truth into each other’s lives. Gathering diapers for a local pregnancy center, sharing their own adoption stories, praying for abortion to end, and being kind to others are just a few suggestions this book gives children to stand up for life. In the back of the book, there are even short biographies of real pro-life children and how they’ve used their voices to share the truth about life.


Sample pages from ProLifeKids.com

Bethany serves as the executive director for The Radiance Foundation, and speaks at locations across the nation on topics promoting the value of human life, the importance of adoption (her husband Ryan was adopted, and together the couple has adopted children themselves), as well as the desperate need for whole families. Bethany’s knowledge and experience in this arena are undeniable as she is the mother to four children whom she homeschools, and has also served for years in the public and private school systems.


Samples pages from ProLifeKids.com

Bethany has a Bachelor’s Degree in Education and Family Studies and a Master’s Degree in education. Her teaching experience extends to four different states and stretches to multiple grade levels. She has also served on many school committees, including the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics. Her passion in life is to show children that they are loved and to fight for the children who cannot speak for themselves.

Pro-Life Kids was released November 11 and is available now, you can order your copy here.


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