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Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen Claims Pro Lifers Want to “Take Healthcare Away from People”

In an interview with Vice this week, Planned Parenthood CEO Leana Wen claimed that pro life people want to “take healthcare away from people.” She also resorted to scaremongering tactics, “warning” her audience that if pro life individuals get their way, the next generation will have less rights than our current generation.

Wen also tried to make the claim that pro life people are in fact not actually pro life because they are trying to take away women’s access to healthcare.

“They don’t get to call themselves ‘pro-life’ when they are taking healthcare and essential services away from the most vulnerable individuals in their own communities,” Wen said.

“Instead of trying to increase access to healthcare to combat these challenges, it’s just shocking that these governors and anti-women’s healthcare politicians are instead actively trying to take healthcare away from people,” she said.

Of course Wen is lumping abortion and healthcare together, trying to make it as if the two are one and the same, but nothing could be further from the truth. In her capacity as CEO of Planned Parenthood, Wen oversees the killing of 330,000 children each year. That’s a staggering statistic, and certainly not very caring or healthy for women or their children.

Later, Wen argued that pro-lifers are misogynists who just want to oppress women:

[Vice:] There has always been a battle around the language used to describe abortion rights supporters and opponents, with anti-reproductive-health politicians and advocates calling themselves “pro-life.” What are your thoughts on that term?

[Wen:] As a doctor, I know that keeping people unhealthy is a tool of oppression, and that stigmatizing reproductive healthcare is a tool of misogyny. We just have to call it out for what it is.

… We are seeing for ourselves how what they are doing has nothing to do with protecting people’s rights or health.

It’s actually the exact opposite. They want us to go back in time. If they have their way, our children will have fewer rights than we do.

Planned Parenthood needs to get their public relations act together. In a more honest interview in 2017, former Planned Parenthood president Faye Wattleton publicly conceded that Planned Parenthood was never really about parenthood but was more focused on women’s sexual and reproductive “liberation.”

Wattleton spent almost a quarter of a century working for Planned Parenthood. In the interview, she attempts to hold herself up as someone who helped pioneer a positive movement. However, the reality is that by fighting for the legalization of abortions and various contraceptives, she is responsible for helping to shape Planned Parenthood into the abortion corporation that it is today.

In the interview, Wattleton ironically claims that even though she left Planned Parenthood years ago, women still come up to her and say that without Planned Parenthood, they would not have had a life.

“Even though I left the organization a number of years ago, after almost a quarter of a century of service there, I still meet women who say that, “Without Planned Parenthood, I would not have had a life. I would not have been able to achieve what I’ve been able to achieve,” and subsequently have become mothers and successful in their own lives,” said Wattleton.

What Wattleton and Wen don’t like to talk about is the fact that one in eight clients who enter Planned Parenthood get an abortion. The truth is that Planned Parenthood is trying to twist the narrative and paint pro life individuals as people who care absolutely nothing about women’s health, when in reality, that description fits Planned Parenthood much more accurately.


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