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President Trump Affirms Down Syndrome Babies Have “A Right to Life”

In a statement on Monday issued by the White House, President Trump affirmed that Down Syndrome babies have “a right to life.” October is Down syndrome awareness month.

“We will always support the dreams of those with Down syndrome, and respect and honor the sanctity of their lives, at every stage,” Trump said in the statement. 

An estimated 250,000 people in America have the extra chromosome, but that doesn’t stop them from leading successful, fulfilling lives. Lifenews points out that “some go to college, while others own businesses and work as models, actors and artists. Some get married, and many serve as advocates and spokespeople for people with disabilities.”

Trump speaking out on behalf of those with Down syndrome is important, because while many people with Down syndrome are able to lead amazing lives just like anyone else, far too many are aborted because of the abnormality. 

More from President Trump’s statement:

“Today, as a result of advances in research and treatment, people with Trisomy 21, or ‘Down syndrome,’ are leading healthier and longer lives. Through innovative speech, occupational, and physical therapies, we are finding new ways to build upon the physical and intellectual abilities of children and babies with Down syndrome. We are learning more about this condition and the increased need for widespread education and acceptance. These efforts help to ensure many of our youngest citizens with this condition are able to live fulfilling, independent, and productive lives.

“All people are endowed by their Creator with dignity and the rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Despite some persistent myths and stigmas, even within the medical community, our Nation strongly embraces the undeniable truth that a Down syndrome diagnosis is an opportunity to embrace God’s gifts. I stand for life – in all of its beautiful manifestations – and I, and my Administration, will continue to condemn the prejudice and discrimination that Americans with Down syndrome too often endure.”

Sadly, many parents are pressured into having an abortion upon the discovery that their child has Down Syndrome. 

Trump’s message is exactly what is needed. Especially given the fact that in Iceland, nearly 100 percent of babies with Down syndrome are aborted.

“Life is precious, and it is our moral duty to protect and defend it,” he said. “During this month, we vow to continue creating opportunities for and supporting the extraordinary men, women, and children with Down syndrome. Every day, they inspire us to live with great love, joy, and appreciation for our world and those who make it a truly unique and special place to live.”


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