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Twitter CEO Says Online Platform will Promote Left-Leaning Journalists

On Wednesday, the Senate held a hearing with regards to the concerning amount of foreign influence that is all over social media. 

Jack Dorsey, the Founder and CEO of Twitter said that his goal to combat the increasing amount of fake or misleading accounts on the popular social media site would be to hire or promote the number of active journalists on the site.

However, this is still problematic, as Twitter has been quite open with the fact that they are a left-leaning organization. Dorsey was asked during the hearing whether he and Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg if their companies have been working to educate users about the growing threats of misleading information propagated by bots or fake accounts. 

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey did admit his companies’ shortcomings in preventing the number of fake, robotic, or spam accounts from increasing on the online platform. Yet, Dorsey provided no logical reason as to why this problem persists, and provided no security measures that Twitter plans to implement. He only mentioned the plan to promote or hire more “safety” journalists and amplify their voice by giving them more opportunities for messaging and content. 

Dorsey’s comments are not encouraging or reassuring in the least to conservatives. The only real promised course of action that Dorsey suggested was to promote the tweets of journalists that it likes, but since the online platform will likely only promote tweets from left-leaning journalists, this will in no way mitigate the censorship of conservative content that is also becoming an increasing problem. 



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