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David Daleiden: New Planned Parenthood President will Likely Commit Abortions

California Family Council previously reported the news that Planned Parenthood hired a former emergency room doctor as their new President and CEO. Dr. Leana Wen is the new President of Planned Parenthood, and she will officially take up the reigns as President effective November 12, 2018. Wen’s predecessor, Cecile Richards received an annual salary of $600,000.

David Daleiden, the undercover investigative journalist who infiltrated the abortion industry posing as a tissue procurement specialist, revealed that there is a divide between abortionists and those who are in charge of public relations for the abortion giant. 

“The abortion doctors who actually have to kill the kids on a daily basis…feel like they get really short-shrift from the public face of Planned Parenthood.” It’s as if “leadership doesn’t understand them,” said Daleiden. 

“I think [Wen’s appointment] is meant to try to bridge that gap with the abortion providers,” said Daleiden. “If that’s their intention behind doing that I think if Dr. Wen has not done an abortion yet, I think she very soon will be. So I think very soon they’re not just doing to have a doctor CEO, they’re going to have an abortion doctor CEO.”

Leanna Wen was a “big advocate of what she called herself ‘radical transparency’ for medical doctors, particularly about controversial issues like abortion,” said Daleiden.  

“So every news outlet in the country should be asking Dr. Wen — in the spirit of ‘radical transparency’ that she supports for medical doctors” — how many abortions she’s committed “and if she’s gonna be doing abortions at Planned Parenthood.”

“What gestational age will she go up to and will she sell the body parts personally afterwards?” Daleiden asked. “And if not, what does she think about the contracts Planned Parenthood affiliates” have with body parts brokers?”

“Our humanity is broken, our humanity is imperfect, but that’s okay…that’s not a reason to throw it all away, that’s not a reason to kill anybody,” Daleiden concluded. “Human life is a gift and human beings are valuable just the way they are.”


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