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New Poll Reveals Millennial Women Reject Feminism, Unrestricted Abortion

A new CBS poll has revealed that the majority of young American women do not support unrestricted abortions, take issue with a lot of feminist ideologies, and do not think the mainstream media is a reliable source of information. 

CBS and Refinery29 wanted to know what women’s attitudes were concerning abortion, feminism, and the media, so they teamed up to create a poll analyzing young women’s thought patterns on these issues. The poll reveals that a lot of young women do not embrace the ideas about abortion and feminism so often touted by the mainstream media as representative of their demographic. 

The poll was conducted by YouGov, and they started releasing results on August 13. The demographic polled was young women between the ages of 18-35. 

The poll found that only 28% of women support abortion being legal in all cases. 34% of women supported abortion being legal in most cases. 25% think abortion should be illegal in most cases, and 13% of women think that abortion should be illegal in all cases. Lifenews points out the significance of these numbers. “In the end, that means 72% are likely in favor of some kind of abortion restriction.”

Regarding Roe v. Wade itself, the polled demographic reveals there is still work to be done. The poll revealed that 69% of respondents think the Supreme Court ruling should not be overturned, with 31% saying it should be. But Lifenews details that, “less than half (45%) worried that “access to abortion will become more restricted.” 26% worried that “access to abortion will be less restricted,” and 29% were “unconcerned.””

Less than half of the women surveyed thought of themselves as feminists. 46% of the respondents considred themselves to be feminists, while 54% did not. 

Only 7% of the women polled said that they “almost always” trust the media to give them accurate information. Lifenews points out that “this [CBS] poll only adds to the reasons why [women distrust mainstream media]: while women’s news sites regularly assume that all “women” support abortion and feminism, that’s not the case.”


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