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Former Planned Parenthood President Cecile Richards Ironically Offers Parenting Advice in New Book

Current abortion activist and former President of Planned Parenthood, Cecile Richards published an excerpt of her new book in Dallas News. But it’s not what you would expect coming from the individual who presided over the organization that has killed over 7,000,000 babies since its founding over 100 years ago.

There seems to be a huge disconnect between Ms. Richards and what she writes about her family and her work as an abortion activist. She writes fondly of her family, including her daughter, Lily. She relates how she became pregnant by surprise at a time when her and her husband where struggling financially, working long hours to make ends meet. However, she offers no advice to help women navigate the emotions and circumstances at a time like this. Her words about her family don’t match the harsh rhetoric reiterated time and again as the primary spokesperson for Planned Parenthood.

Take for instance the paragraph in her book where Cecile states that parenting her children is the best thing that she has ever done. She writes:

Parenting isn’t for everyone, and I will fight to my last breath to protect every person’s right to decide whether to have children. But raising our three kids — Lily, Hannah and Daniel — is, bar none, the absolute best thing I’ve ever done.

Is Cecile Richards living a lie? Writing lies? It’s hard to say but as the old cliche goes “actions speak louder than words.” It’s difficult to determine what Cecile’s motives could be in writing this portion of her book where she so ironically but subtly almost – almost encourages family. If Cecile really believes what she writes about raising her children being the most rewarding and fulfilling thing she has ever done why would she not work to support struggling women to raise their kids? Why would she not use her past as an encouragement to discouraged parents suddenly expecting an unexpected child? Why doesn’t Cecile Richards promote crisis pregnancy centers that really seek to help women? Instead she continues to promote abortion, which has been demonstrated to hurt women, not help them.

The truth is that even though parenting can be extremely difficult, it is not up to the parent to decide whether or not their child has value or is wanted. All children – all people – are created in the image of God and have value. All children deserve the right to life. All expectant mothers deserve to be supported and encouraged their child to term. Sadly Cecile Richards, does not provide that.


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