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MN Public Library Hosts Drag Queen “Story Hour” for Babies & Preschoolers

On of the largest public libraries in St. Paul, Minnesota is advertising special events this month featuring drag queen story times for children and adults of all ages. The taxpayer funded public library is hosting these events at three of its locations as part of an “inclusive” campaign. The future “story hours” during which men dressed as women will read to the kids are scheduled for June 16, and July 11. One has already taken place on June 11.


According to a media release from the library, “drag performers will regale families with glitz, glamor, and stories about acceptance and inclusion at three Saint Paul libraries. Each event will feature two performers who will read stories, sing songs, and strut their stuff for an over-the-top story hour. All ages are welcome.” The library states that the events are suitable for “babies, toddlers, preschoolers, teens, and adults.”

The library is partnering with a company called Flip Phone events to bring six drag queens to three of its locations. Typically this company only performs events for adults over 18 or 21.


The library streamed the event which took place two days ago at the Rondo location live on its Facebook page. The events are part of an anti-Trump campaign launched by the library in 2017.

The library is also advertising that it plans to make appearances at the Pride Parade in Minneapolis, MN, and features multiple children’s books on transgenderism and cross dressing. One such book recommended by the staff at Saint Paul’s Library is entitled “Julian is a Mermaid. The colorful children’s book description is as follows:

Riding home on the subway, Julián is transfixed by three mermaids-voluptuous and self-possessed, with flowing tresses of black, pink, and red, and wearing aqua fishtail costumes (the book is printed on a Kraft-like paper, so the colors seem to literally glow). “Julián loves mermaids,” writes debut author-illustrator Love, and her protagonist falls into a reverie: he’s under the sea, and amid a dazzling school of fish, he sprouts a radiant orange fishtail and waist-length curly hair. While Abuela takes a bath, Julián takes matters into his own hands. He strips down to his underpants, paints his lips purple, fashions a fishtail costume from curtains, and creates a headdress from ferns and flowers. He is, in a word, fabulous. Love lets an anxious beat pass before Abuela takes Julián by the hand, leading him to what some readers may recognize as the Coney Island Mermaid Parade. “Like you, mijo,” says Abuela. “Let’s join them.” Love’s deep empathy for her characters and her keen-eyed observations of urban life come together in a story of love, understanding, and embracing the mermaid within us all.

The book’s recommended ages are 4-8 years old.

Other similar children’s books on transgenderism, cross-dressing, and the like that are currently being promoted by the library include books such as “Worm Loves Worm; Sparkle Boy; My Two Dads; My Two Moms; Mommy, Mama, and Me; Daddy, Papa, and Me; And Tango Makes Three;” as well as the controversial book that caused the recent huge parental protests at Rocklin Academy in California, “I am Jazz.”


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