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YouTube Suspends Life-Saving Abortion Pill Reversal Account, Calls it “Harmful, Dangerous”

In their latest attack on free speech, YouTube has suspended the pro life group the Abortion Pill Reversal’s account. The pro life group used the account to share life-saving videos and information about the medical procedure and it’s effective ability to reverse the affects of RU-486. Other videos share the accounts of women who changed their mind after taking the abortion pill and were able to save their baby through the Abortion Pill Reversal process.

Last week YouTube suspended their account for supposed “repeated or severe violations of [the] Community Guidelines,” according to the Federalist.

The Federalist reports that there were four videos posted to the You Tube account. One of the videos deemed “dangerous” is below:

Pretty scary, huh? What’s just as obviously ridiculous about YouTube’s censorship is their “explanation as to why APR’s account was suspended. More from the Federalist:

Citing its policies on “harmful or dangerous content,” YouTube opted to suspend the APR account entirely, explaining that it “doesn’t allow content that encourages or promotes violent or dangerous acts that have an inherent risk of serious physical harm or death.” Examples of videos that violate this policy are videos about “instructional bomb making, choking games, hard drug use, or other acts where serious injury may result.”

Heartbeat International, which took the reins of the APR Network and Hotline (1-877-558-0333) just weeks ago, has begun the formal appeal process with YouTube. Heartbeat is no stranger to efforts to silence the life-saving APR message. Despite its safety and efficacy, the protocol has come under fire from abortion advocates, who oppose a woman’s right to choose not to finish an unwanted abortion. Since early 2016, Heartbeat International has successfully defeated multiple efforts by California bureaucrats to prevent nurses from learning about the life-saving protocol.

“It’s hard to understand why YouTube would treat the rescuing of babies from an abortion pill the same as terrorism videos,” said Jor-El Godsey, president of Heartbeat International. “On closer investigation, we believe YouTube will find that these videos in no way resemble such dangerous or harmful content.”

Lifenews reports that “doctors who developed the reversal say more than 400 unborn babies have been saved from abortion as a result of the treatmentA peer-reviewed study in April similarly showed the safety and effectiveness of the life-saving reversal procedure.”

Emily, was one such young mother who on becoming pregnant, chose to take the abortion pill because she felt it was her only real option. She instantly was consumed with regret and the next morning, less than twelve hours after she took the abortion pill, she was able to start the Abortion Pill Reversal process. She writes:

I am for forever changed into a new person because of my son and what I went through to bring him into this world. He is the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me and I am so blessed to have him as my son. God says children are a blessing and a gift from above, and I cannot agree more. I hope everyone when faced with this choice chooses life, but thankfully, if they make a mistake like mine, there’s a second chance, which is the reversal process.

Catchet has a similar story. Upon finding out she was pregnant, she wanted an abortion, but it turns out the pregnancy center she visited was a pro life clinic and so they did not give her any information about an abortion, but instead gave her information on caring for and keeping her child. Even after the visit with the pro life clinic, she decided to follow through with her original plan of aborting her child, so she found another office and took the abortion pill. After the appointment, she went to Walmart to get a few things. She ended up breaking down in the bathroom, realizing she had made the biggest mistake of her life. She found out about the Abortion Pill Reversal Process and started beginning treatments immediately. She writes:

“Not following through with the abortion pill has been a tremendous blessing. My little girl is the joy of my life and I truly don’t know what I would do with out her. I am so thankful God placed people in my path who were able to make sure my little angel had a chance at life.”

Lisbeth story is very similar, she found out she was pregnant, decided to take the abortion pill, and then regretted her decision to abort her baby. She was able to stat treatments through the Abortion Pill Reversal as well. She writes:

“There is help out there for women who are confused and feel lonely. For me, the help that the pregnancy center has given me is the best. I didn’t feel alone and I knew that if I had a question I would not hesitate to call them…There is a new light in my home that brings a smile to everyone in my family and I would not change it for the world.”

The success stories of women who have used the Abortion Pill Reversal process to successfully continue to cary their child after regretting taking the Abortion Pill are multitude.  For more abortion pill reversal stories, visit here.

It is hard to understand why YouTube would flag and suspend an account that provides women like Emily, Catchet, and Lisbeth with medically factual, life-saving information and options. When did saving a baby’s life and preventing a mother suffering extensive trauma become “dangerous?”


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