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In A Society that Demands Equality, Where are the Equal Rights of the Preborn?

Our world clamors for many things… equality, respect, justice, fairness, love, freedom… the list is huge and shows no signs of shrinking anytime soon.

We are told to respect the earth, the environment, differences of opinion, diversity of beliefs. And while there isn’t a problem with respect, justice, or equality, there seems to be a huge deficiency when it comes to the equal rights of a preborn child.

Take the recent, tragic case of the late little Alfie Evans, who died at the hands of state-run “healthcare” in Liverpool, England while his parents and the rest of the free world were forced to watch.

Alfie Evans was a toddler, nearly two years old, who was diagnosed – some say improperly – with a rare, terminal neurological condition. To make a long story short, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital, the hospital where Alfie was supposed to receiving quality care decided to withdraw Alfie’s life support against his parents wishes. The hospital maintained that any other course of action would be “unkind and inhumane.” Alfie’s young parents fought the hospital till the very end, all the while doing their best to keep Alfie alive. Alfie’s case went through a series of legal battles, culminating at the European Court of Human Rights, which, contrary to its title, upheld the wishes of the hospital.

Much like the horrifying case of Charlie Gard, who’s life support was mandated by courts against the wishes of the parents, Alfie’s case similarly garnered attention and support for Alfie grew worldwide, with United States Senators and Pope Francis speaking out on his behalf.

The Bambino Gesù Hospital in Vatican City (which also offered to treat Charlie Gard), offered to treat Alfie, but officials at Alder Hey refused Alfie’s parents the right to have him transported, even though an air ambulance from the Vatican City Hospital was waiting outside of Alder Hey in the event that Alfie would have been permitted to leave the hospital.

Once Alfie’s life support was pulled after the European Court of Human Rights targeted him as an unfit human being to live, he continued to survive, but was withheld food for 28 hours as he continued to live on his own.

Alfie’s case is a perfect illustration of the disproportionate, deliberate disregard for human life that is becoming all too common. And it’s not just happening within the realms of socialized medicine.

Take the recent sickening remarks from Michelle Wolf at the White House Correspondents Dinner. Nothing was off limits for Wolf who made a mockery of life and the reality of abortion. Said Wolf:

Mike Pence is the kind of guy that brushes his teeth and then drinks orange juice and thinks, “Mmm.” Mike Pence is also very anti-choice. He thinks abortion is murder, which, first of all, don’t knock it till you try it. And when you do try it, really knock it. You know, you got to get that baby out of there.

And, yes, sure, you can groan all you want. I know a lot of you are very antiabortion. You know, unless it’s the one you got for your secret mistress. It’s fun how values can waiver. But good for you.

Mike Pence is a weirdo, though. He’s a weird little guy….

People like Michelle Wolf are more concerned with issues such as advocating for equal pay for women (which by the way is great), but her quest for equality should begin with more important things. For starters, she should stop advocating for a movement that prevents future women from having a chance at life.

Michelle Wolf’s comments were disgusting. Abysmally unfunny. Abortion is murder. The European Court of Human Rights target an infant as unfit is likewise disgusting. Removing a child’s life support against the wishes and rights of his/her parents is murder. Radical abortion extremists and socialized medicine are pushing the civilized world in the direction of state-sanctioned eugenics.

Alfie Evans smiling more than 48 hours after he was removed from his ventilator on April 23, 2018. Kate James / Facebook


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