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UN Official: The United States is A Pro Life Country

When President Obama was in office the official position of the administration was in support of abortion on demand.

President Trump has made a huge difference in changing the official stance of the administration to instead support life. In January, Trump reinstated a rule first put in place by President Ronald Reagan. The rule mandated that any nonprofits who wanted to receive funds from the United States must not fund abortions. President H.W. Bush kept the rule in place, but President Bill Clinton revoked it. George W. Bush reinstated the rule when he took office, and again the rule was rescinded by President Obama when he took office.

Now officials at the United Nations are telling other countries all over the world that the Untied States is a pro life country. Recently, an official appointed by Donald Trump stated during a closed-door meeting that the “US is a pro-life country.”

The Vatican has joined the United States’ pro life position at the United Nations.

More from the Catholic Universe:

“Here at the United Nations there is much sincere talk and normally passionate action to fight against unjust discrimination,” said Archbishop Bernardito Auza, Vatican nuncio to the United Nations. “But as firm as these commitments are in principle, many delegations, UN agencies and active members of civil society tolerate gross violations of these commitments in practice.”

For example, groups that claim to advance the rights and equality of vulnerable women and girls are notably silent when pre-genetic screening followed by sex-selection abortion ends the lives of those they claim to defend, Archbishop Auza said.

“Such tacit co-operation in this lethal form of discrimination against girls is, at least, inconsistent,” and the inconsistency is even more pronounced in what is happening with those prenatally diagnosed with Down’s syndrome, he said.

In the past, the Children’s Rights committee at the UN has endeavored to force groups like the Vatican to change their position in support of life. The committee has even gone so far as to accuse the Catholic church of psychological torture because of its pro life views and position on excommunicating abortionists.

The fact is that the majority of countries do not support abortion. Abortion advocates have been trying for over twenty years to get abortion recognized internationally as a human right, but have been unsuccessful. The United States is one of just eight countries out of 198 nations in the world that currently allow abortions after twenty weeks of pregnancy.


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