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Democrats Don’t Like Secretary of State Nominee Mike Pompeo Because He’s Pro Life

Last month the Trump administration announced it’s intention of replacing the current Secretary of State Rex Tillerson with former Congressman and current Director of Central Intelligence, Mike Pompeo.

When the nomination was announced, pro life leaders where very pleased with Trump’s choice due to Pompeo’s leadership in promoting pro life values, especially while during his tenure in Congress. During his time in Congress, Pompeo stated clearly that he believes life begins at conception and should only conclude at the time of one’s natural death. Pompeo co-sponsored a bill that would have granted 14th amendment protections to unborn children. He also co-sponsored the Title X Abortion Provider Prohibition Act that provided for the prohibition of federal funding to any group that performs abortions.

Now, some Democrats want to attempt to leverage Pompeo’s pro life values against him in an effort to resist his nomination. Apparently, Democrats would rather support a radical abortion-on-demand policy than have a Secretary of State that upholds “the sanctity of life, the solidarity of family, and the solemnity of marriage.” The Human Rights Campaign immediately opposed his nomination following the announcement.

Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen of New Hampshire announced on Tuesday via Twitter that she would no longer support Pompeo for Secretary of State despite having formerly supported him for the position.

“The Secretary of State is a policy-making position, and I continue to have deep concerns regarding Mr. Pompeo’s past statements and policy views, particularly in regards to the LGBTQ community, American Muslims and women’s reproductive rights,” Shaheen tweeted.

Senator Shaheen’s statement and positions are confusing. According to a tweet from Republican Senator Tom Cotton, Shaheen expressed admiration of Pompeo during his hearing. “Very disappointing from @SenatorShaheen,” Cotton tweeted. “She expressed admiration for Director Pompeo at his hearing, now she opposes a Secretary of State nominee because of his pro-life views? How many Republcians [sic] opposed Hillary or Kerry over their extreme abortion views?”

Senator Shaheen has also expressed her support for imprisoned pastor Andrew Brunson, who is being detained by Turkish authorities for trial on accusations of spying.

It’s also ironic that on Holocaust Remembrance Day, Senator Shaheen tweeted out that it is “our collective duty to never forget” the 6 million victims of the Holocaust.

This is certainly true, but Senator Shaheen’s position is confusing. How can one support abortion-on-demand and not recognize the 60 million babies murdered since Roe v. Wade?


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