BREAKING: Trump Nominates Neil Gorsuch for Vacant SCOTUS Seat

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Tonight, President Donald J. Trump nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch to fill the vacant SCOTUS seat formerly occupied by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Neil Gorsuch has world class academic and legal credentials. He received his undergrad from Columbia, his law degree from Harvard, and his doctorate from Oxford. He clerked on the U.S. Court of Appeals, for the District of Columbia Circuit and on the U.S. Supreme Court.

If confirmed, Gorsuch would be the first former law clerk to serve on the bench alongside his or her old boss. He would also be the only Protestant to serve on the Court. Judge Gorsuch sided with conservatives in the landmark Hobby Lobby decision when it came before the 10th Circuit.

Legal experts say Gorsuch is a natural successor to Scalia in judicial interpretation and witty thought.

In an earlier Facebook post, Robert P. George, the McCormick Professor of Jurisprudence at Princeton University – and widely acclaimed thinker in social conservative circles – issued the following praise for Gorsuch:

“He would be a superb Supreme Court justice. He is intellectually extremely gifted and is deeply committed to the (actual) Constitution and the rule of law. He will not manufacture ‘rights’ or read things into the Constitution that aren’t there or read things out of the Constitution that are.”

Gorsuch wrote a book entitled The Future of Assisted Suicide and EuthanasiaA quote from that book reads, “To act intentionally against life is to suggest that its value rests only on its transient instrumental usefulness for other ends.” Gorsuch is also quoted as saying, there is “”no Constitutional basis for preferring the mother’s liberty interests over the child’s life.”

It seems he takes very seriously the fact that SCOTUS justices swear an oath to uphold the Constitution. Gorsuch said in his speech today that immediately after acceptin the nomination that he recognizes that it is the duty of Congress – not the Courts – to create laws.

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  1. He also has made decisions against employee rights, giving favor to corporations but none for employees. I have seen things good and bad about his rulings. I would prefer a conservative that respects employee rights also. He considers corporations to be “people” when they are not. That statement is one that most people I know would like to have overturned. Corporations shouldn’t be allowed to give money to politicians to put them in office…no “pay to play” like Clinton did.

  2. My husband’s grandfather had some strokes and got our a gun and shot himself…..most likely because he didn’t want to have another stroke and end up bed ridden and helpless…no quality of life. Laws against ending one’s life will never work. What can you do after they are dead? Put their bones in prison for 20 years? If they don’t tell anyone what they plan to do…you can’t stop them. I worked as a care giver for 8 years…mostly in Hospice. I have seen people who had cancer go to the bone in tremendous pain for weeks before dying. No drug of any kind can reach or reduce the pain once it is in the bone. I see no benefit to be laying in extreme pain for weeks before finally dying. There is no way to enjoy seeing your family or engaging in any useful conversation or activity when in severe, non-ending pain that cannot be managed…even morphine won’t stop it. I believe that since the law doesn’t require a doctor or nurse to give medicine to end life that the law that allows ending death through a doctor’s prescription is dangerous. The person may decide not to take the medication but a relative could easily force a bed ridden person to take it anyway against their will. The dying person may obtain the medication to give to their spouse so that they could “die together” even though the spouse might live years longer and be in decent health. If the patient decided not to use the medication but it was left in the home someone could take it and use it to kill someone else or dispose of it improperly. I don’t believe that patients or others could be safe and protected unless a doctor or nurse had the medication and had to give it to the patient…not just give a prescription for it and let it lay around the patient’s house or room. The patient might become unable to take the medication to end life without assistance if they are dying in great pain. In the end, if no medication to end life is available, there are numerous methods people use to do it themselves which are more disturbing…such as shooting oneself which is a shock for the person who finds the body. People will not tell others that they plan to end their life because they don’t want to be stopped or not be taken seriously. Being open about it allows a person to talk about it and maybe change their mind…..and be counseled. People tend to fear death less than they fear being helpless and in uncontrollable pain. I personally see no benefit of laying in extreme pain with no hope for relief for a long period of time before a person finally dies. Dying in agony is what people fear most. When my cat gets to the point that he is in a lot of pain that I can’t reduce or stop and has no quality of life, I will put him to sleep so he won’t suffer. Why should a human be denied the right to say no to suffering in extreme agony for days or weeks or months until they die? There needs to be a right for someone in their right mind to be able to make their own decisions…but not be legally allowed to force anyone to do it for them against their will…including medical staff. After all, if they cannot talk about it and cannot legally do it…they will find a way to do it anyway…which makes it worse for the patient and their loved ones. If they don’t tell anyone what they are thinking, no one can stop them. Don’t think that it won’t happen just because it is against the law. It’s not a matter of whether or not some people will do it…it is just a matter of do they have to do it alone and not feel that they can talk to smeone about it first without losing their right to freedom of choice. Making it illegal will not stop it. It didn’t stop my husband’s grandfather.


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