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Planned Parenthood Isn’t Just Opposed to Life, It’s Becoming Increasingly at Odds with Parental Rights

It’s a well-documented fact that Planned Parenthood is one of the largest risks to babies in the womb. Although claiming to provide a variety of health care options for women, Planned Parenthood instead focuses largely on maximizing abortion profits off of unsuspecting women who they claim to care about. An example would be the claim the abortions only make up 3% of the services they offer to women. But this is a deliberately inaccurate number derived from including things like a $10 pregnancy test, or a pack of condoms in the same category of “services” as a $300-$1,500 abortion. In reality, Planned Parenthood commits nearly 1/3 of the nation’s abortions, making them the single largest abortion provider in the nation.

However, Planned Parenthood isn’t just targeting moms or their preborn babies. Now they are attacking families, parental rights, and children of all ages by trying to weasel their way into schools and indoctrinate children with their “sex education” curriculum.

This year, at least four different state’s school districts have rejected Planned Parenthood’s attempt to infiltrate their school with their sex education curriculum. Spokane school district recently decided against using the controversial “Get Real” curriculum after hundreds of parents protested. Over five hundred members of the community also sent emails to the school board asking that the curriculum not be implemented.

The Saline Area Schools in Michigan also recently announced that it would not be using Planned Parenthood’s curriculum, after concerned parents expressed their outrage. Planned Parenthood even requested to open up a facility in the Reading school district in Reading, Pennsylvania. The request from Planned Parenthood stated their intention to open a facility to offer sex education, counseling, and referrals to their nearby abortion facility. Thankfully, the request was denied. In October, a request to implement the “Get Real” curriculum in Charlotte, North Carolina was put on hold after hundreds of parents gathered in protest.

While these are encouraging victories, there is still much work to be done. As of 2014, according to a Time article “Get Real” was being taught in over 150 schools across the United States.

Planned Parenthood states on its website that ideally, sex education should begin with children as young as pre-kindergartners. This training material instructs children that “your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl,” and encourage pre-K students to be open to “transitioning.” It’s no secret that Planned Parenthood has devised ways around targeting today’s youth outside of the classroom.  Since 2013, Planned Parenthood has been developing and implementing phone apps to reach children as young as four or five.

Does it make sense that parents of children would take any type of “sex education” curriculum from a corporation that makes it lucrative business off of aborting children? It’s time to end Planned Parenthood’s fight against parental rights.


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