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FPA Women’s Health Facility Opens Doors in San Diego Next to Existing Planned Parenthood – What You Can Do to Stop It

The Family Planning Associates Women’s Health abortion facility (formerly Family Planning Associates Medical Group) didn’t waste any time opening up a new abortion facility after closing down its location on Miramar Road. Its new location is opening up in the Eastern side of the El Cajon community right next to a bustling grocery store chain, and just over 200 yards from an existing Planned Parenthood.

It is unclear just exactly what the major contributing factors were in the decision to move the FPA Women’s Health facility to that location. It would seem that opening up the abortion facility next to a Planned Parenthood is overkill – quite literally.

The already-existing Planned Parenthood does not currently offer abortions at the location nearby to which the FPA Women’s Health abortion facility has recently relocated. That may have influenced the location choice. It is however, highly unlikely that the Planned Parenthood will refer its visitors to the FPA Women’s health facility as the two abortion agencies have long regarded each others as fierce competitors in the abortion industry. FPA has twenty-two locations in California.

The move by the FPA Women’s Health facility next to an existing Planned Parenthood has effectively turned Main Street in El Cajon into what some pro life influencers have dubbed as ‘Murderer’s Row.’

The only possible positive outcome?

The only result that is considered plausible from a business point of view is that either the Planned Parenthood facility or the FPA Women’s Health facility will put its competitor out of business. Whether or not this will be the case of course remains yet to be seen, but usually abortion facilties move locations after an area has become to “hot” for them, i.e., they are facing pressure from the community to relocate or shut down. It is also likely that such will be the case with the FPA Women’s Health – El Cajon facility. Members of the community are highly unlikely to have an abortion facility sending women to the hospital just a few yards away as they shop for groceries. You can help pressure the facility to close down, but more on that in just a moment.

The abortionist who is on staff at the FPA Women’s Health – El Cajon facility is Karen E. Mann who previously worked at the FPA abortion facility in Bakersfield. The Bakersfield abortion mill under Mann’s direction has been notorious for botched abortions, hospitalizing at least seven women since 2012. In separate instances, one woman was suspected of suffering a heart attack as a result of a botched abortion. Another was rushed by ambulance to the hospital. Onlookers who witnessed the medical emergency stated that the woman appeared lifeless with her arms hanging limp from the gurney as she was loaded onto the ambulance. The harrowing incident was caught on video, which you can view here.

The owner of the building who is leasing the property to FPA Women’s Health – El Cajon is Daniel Guefen. We urge you to take just a moment to contact him and politely and respectively share your thoughts with him about the health hazards this new abortion facility will pose to the community. Your phone call or email to Guefen could help save lives as the abortion facility may be forced to permanently cease operations in San Diego county if they cannot find a property broker/owner who is willing to rent to them.

Daniel Guefen’s contact information:

Phone: (858) 945-2499
Via Website form submission: http://www.danielguefen.com/ContactUs/default.aspx



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