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Perez Hilton: Kylie Jenner Should Kill Her Baby with an Abortion

Perez Hilton’s offensive remarks against the (then rumors) circulating that Kylie Jenner was pregnant demonstrate the level of misogyny and manipulation that typically accompanies women getting an abortion.

It has now been confirmed that Kylie Jenner is indeed five months pregnant with her and her fiance Travis Scott’s first child together. Hilton is a celebrity blogger and said if the 20-year-old Kylie was his daughter that he would have pushed her to get an abortion. Perez Hilton even admitted if his own daughter came to him in the future and told him she was pregnant, he would urge her to to get an abortion.

In a YouTube video, Hilton blasted Kylie saying she would be a bad parent due to her young age and the fact that her relationship with her fiance Travis Scott is relatively fresh. At one point in the video Perez outrageously claimed that Kylie’s baby would be better off dead. Essentially, Perez is saying that the best thing for Kylie and her baby is for Kylie to have a late term abortion during which her preborn child will be literally ripped apart.

“I truly believe if I were Kris Jenner, the best option for Kylie and her future and for that child would have been for her to abort that baby,” Hilton said in the video. “… And I would say the same thing to my daughter if she were to get pregnant under similar circumstances: her age, not a stable relationship, her just being totally unfit to be pregnant, in my opinion.

“Um, I love life, I love babies. If I were Kris Jenner, I would tell that girl to get an abortion!” he emphatically stated. He even called Kylie’s baby “an unbon baby.”

Perez also stated that one reason Kylie should abot her child is because her child would be raised in abnormal circumstances. This is ironic given the fact that Perez is a gay, single dad to his two children, Mario and Mia, ages 4 and 2 respectively. Both of his children were delivered via surrogates.

Naturally, Perez faced enormous backlash for his insensitive, patriarchal comments, with viewers saying “this is the first time I’ve clicked on your videos and it will be the last,” “no man has the right to tell a woman to get an abortion.”

The next day, Perez posted a video allegedly to clear up the previous video, but likely enough just to garner more views.

Hilton’s comments illustrate the true reality that women face who are often pressured into having abortions. Too often this issue isn’t even about women’s rights or freedoms, instead it’s about a husband or boyfriend who doesn’t want to accept their responsibility for their actions. It’s sad that even some of the richest, most privileged women in the world are still prey to this type of mindset.


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