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Congressman Steve Scalise is Back Following Deliberate Ballpark Shooting

Image credit: New York Post

Too often, Twitter can be a cesspool chock full of insults, cyber bullies, and depravity. But every once in a while, it bears forth some excellent 140 character gems. And sometimes it even brings good news.

Thankfully, I’m happy to report that in this specific instance, Twitter served as the communications venue bearing the good tidings that Representative Steve Scalise is back to work after a three month recovery and rehabilitation period following the shooting by a domestic terrorist at a congressional ballpark practice game in Alexandria, Virgina, just outside of Washington, D.C.

The shooting was deliberate target of pro life congressmen at a GOP congressional ball game practice in preparation for the annual congressional ball game. Scalise was positioned roughly near second base when he was shot in the hip, and ended up dragging himself fifteen yards away from second base in an attempt to get out of the line of fire.

Scalise remained in critical condition for several weeks following the tragedy, with his condition fluctuating up and down. His injuries included severe damage to internal organs. At one point there was speculation on whether or not he would survive. President Trump even payed Scalise a personal visit at the hospital following his surgery. “Congressman Scalise is a friend, and a very good friend,” Trump said. “He’s a patriot. And he’s a fighter. He will recover from this assault — and Steve, I want you to know that you have the prayers not only of the entire city behind you, but of an entire nation, and frankly the entire world. America is praying for you and America is praying for all of the victims of this terrible shooting.”

“Congressman Steve Scalise sustained a single rifle shot to the left hip. The bullet traveled across his pelvis, fracturing bones, injuring internal organs, and causing severe bleeding,” MedStar said in a statement put out by Scalise’s office, and as reported by CNN. “He underwent immediate surgery, and an additional procedure to stop bleeding. He has received multiple units of blood transfusion. His condition is critical, and he will require additional operations.

Those additional operations turned into more than three months of therapy since the shooting, so it is certainly quite a relief to have Representative Scalise back. His successful journey through the recovery process is an answer to many prayers and many expressed their well-wished and warm congratulations on having him back once again at work in the House of Representatives.


Lifenews reported that “Starting today, Whip Scalise will be resuming his work at the Capitol, while also completing an extended period of out-patient rehabilitation over the coming months.”

Scalise met a bipartisan standing ovation amid cheers, tears, and warm hugs from his fellow members of Congess on his return to business as usual.


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