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Abortion Facility Kills 15 Babies in Free Abortions Given to Hurricane Harvey Victims

At least 15 preborn babies who survived Hurricane Harvey, a storm that dismantled Texas’s Gulf Coast just days ago, were killed in abortions this month as part of a new program initiated by the Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain, a company founded in 2003 in Austin, Texas. The organization sees more than 30,000 women each year.

According to the Texas Tribune, 15 women took advantage of the offer for free abortions in the “wake” of the hurricane. Six abortions were scheduled to be performed in San Antonio, and nine more in Austin.

The deaths of these preborn babies will add to the 60-plus people who already died from Hurricane Harvey. However, according to the Texas Tribune, these preborn babies’ deaths will not be counted among the other causalities.

According to LifeNews, The Whole Woman’s Health abortion chain calls abortions a “service” to Women all over Texas, and company representatives say that will continue to provide free abortions through September to women affected by the hurricane. The organization is also providing funds to patients to get to and from one of their locations in Austin, San Antonino, McAllen, or Fort Worth.

According to The Free Beacon, one of the groups that are benefiting off the Hurricane is the Lilith Fund, which funds abortion and abortion advocacy. The Texas-based group set up an “Emergency Fund for Harvey Survivors” to raise money for hurricane survivors who are “seeking an abortion but cannot afford it.”

Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Women’s Health told the Texas Tribune: “There’s not really a safety net, especially when it comes to health care- we really felt like it was important to step up and do our part.”

She goes on to claim that providing free abortions is somehow tbe equivalent of providing women with health care: “In any kind of natural disaster, women’s health care becomes a critical issue,” she said.

Other abortion activists have also been urging people to donate to various abortion groups to help hurricane victims terminate their pregnancies, however there has also been pro-life groups fighting to provide other resources for women in need.

According to Pregnancy Help News, Meredith Phillips, a member of LifeHouse, a Christian housing ministry for pregnant mothers in Houston, says that they had to relocate nine pregnant women and other staff members because of the flood. Since then, she has been reaching out to other pregnant mothers in the area and is providing any resources she can.

Contrary to pro abortion organizations, pregnancy centers have created several campaigns to help hurricane victims, and promise to provide other resources instead of preying upon these women in their times of distress.


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