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Recent Images Clearly Illustrate Life Begins at Conception

Image credit: Embryo @ 6-7 weeks. Via Lunar Caustic.

As technology becomes increasingly advanced, we are privileged to have the tools to understand progressively more about the miracle of life. Recently, an incredible collection of photos capturing early human life by Lunar Caustic (you can view the photos here) were showcased online, causing a reaction on several websites and acquiring thousands of views.

According to Live Action News:

Incredible images of preborn children show the miracle and beauty of human life in the first trimester of pregnancy. These stunning images share that preborn children are not “clumps of cells” or merely “tissue,” but humans who possess inherent dignity and the right to life. Although small, children inside the womb are persons who deserve the love and protection of society, simply because they are human.

After seeing these breath-taking photos, it’s hard to deny that preborn children are indeed humans with every right to life and protection that any other human would have. Lunar Caustic was able to capture convincing images of preborn children as early as three to four weeks after conception, when some mothers may not have even yet discovered that they are pregnant. During this time frame and in the weeks following abortions are widely accepted and performed, yet the presence of life is undeniable.

Faith Wire concurs:

With ultrasounds that capture the first fetal heartbeats at around six weeks’ gestation, and photos like those captured by Lunar Caustic, the evidence that life begins at fertilization (conception) is overwhelming.

Additionally, while the abortion industry continues it’s quest of dehumanizing innocent lives, parents of miscarried babies are helping to spread truth about preborn children. According to Life Site News, “Mothers of miscarried babies have shared their photos with the world, demonstrating that children at very early ages are just that — children, not clumps of cells or “potential life.”” Even though we can’t always observe the miracle of life taking place, it’s important not to sterilize or minimize the reality of development in utero. In the words of the wise Dr. Suess, “A person’s a person, no matter how small.”

With photos like these from Lunar Caustic, pro-lifers can be excited about the future of pro-life activism and education. As we discover more about the earliest moments of life through new medical equipment, updated tests, high-tech videos, and photos, the future of endeavors to protect the preborn looks bright. This exciting new technology can be used to encourage a mother to carry her child to term by showing her the growth of her baby, or to educate young adults on what a child looks like during various stages of development when abortions are typically performed. Pictures like these convey truth in a way that leaves no room for dispute.



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