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Oregon on the Brink of Forcing Insurance Companies to Pay for Abortions

House Bill 3391, the Reproductive Health Equity Act, will likely soon be legal in Oregon, and that’s a bad thing for taxpayers, insurance companies, mothers, and their babies.

According to The Federalist:

House Bill 3391 would require insurers to provide abortions at no cost to the patient, regardless of her citizenship status, gender, or income, without any religious exemptions. It would also require the state to pay an additional $500,000 in taxpayer-sponsored contraception and abortions for noncitizens under the state’s Medicaid program.

This bill will make abortion even easier to access, and contribute to the false idea many women are led to believe that there are no long term damaging results of having an abortion. Oregon already spends about 2 million in federal tax dollars to provide abortions, and this new bill would dramatically increase that amount. According to Life Site News:

Oregon has the most permissive abortion laws in the nation, with no informed consent for women, no waiting for the major surgery of abortion, no parental consent or even parental notification for minors, no ambulance-ready requirements, and no basic safeguards required for all other surgical centers. Pro-life leaders also say that because abortion is legal throughout all nine months in Oregon, tax dollars will not only pay for killing viable babies via late-term abortions but will pay for infanticides as well from botched abortions when the baby is delivered alive.

Clearly, this bill exceeds basic pro-choice laws and goes to the extreme in a state that already goes above and beyond the norm when it comes to abortion. At a time when federal Planned Parenthood funding is possibly at risk, the abortion giant and the industry itself is clearly being proactive and doing their best to ensure that clinics stay open.

According to World:

Oregon Right to Life executive director Gayle Atteberry called the bill “morally reprehensible” and warned the abortion rate probably will rise—especially high-cost, late-term abortions. Atteberry said the bill “was politically calculated to ensure Planned Parenthood has funding in a time when they are at risk of losing hundreds of millions of dollars from the federal government.”

To the dismay of many Republicans, pro-life advocates, and much of the general population, House Bill 3391 will likely be signed into law very soon. No other pro-choice state has such a dramatic and open abortion policy as of yet. “This bill is wrong on so many levels,” said Gayle Atteberry, Oregon Right to Life Executive Director in a press release. “Fundamentally, HB 3391 is morally reprehensible because it will take the lives of even more innocent Oregonians. Sadly, even the barbaric practice of late-term abortion will increase as abortion is legal in Oregon through all 9 months. This is not to mention that many Oregonians are opposed to the use of their tax dollars to fund abortion.”

[Editor’s note]: For more information on HB 3391, please click here.


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